Google Search Rich Cards Make Bitcoin Content More Visually Appealing

A lot of consumers are using their mobile devices to conduct online searches, and Google remains the dominant search engine all over the world. The company has announced they will introduce rich cards into their mobile search results, which will impact how users learn more about all kinds of topics, including Bitcoin.

Google Rich Cards Impact Bitcoin Search Results

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For several years now, conducting a Google search on mobile has been a less-than-fun experience, to say the least. Albeit the search engine has become a lot more responsive when accessing it through a smartphone or tablet, the user interface still feels a bit clunky, and information could be displayed in a more prominent manner.

This situation will come to change, thanks to the introduction of Rich Cards in Google search results. As one would come to expect from this change, the visual experience will undergo some much-needed changes. Users who have seen rich snippets pop up in their search results on mobile before – the ones with a small image and short text sample – the rich cards will look very familiar.

While this new feature will not apply to every type of content just yet, movie and recipe results will be among the first to undergo this necessary evolution. Both types of content heavily rely on the visual aspect, and introducing rich cards to these industries first seems to be a smart decision by Google.

When this change goes live, Google users on mobile devices will be greeted with a carousel of images on top of the normal search results. However, only the English version of will support these changes at first, and users relying on localized version will not see this update anytime soon.

Bitcoin search results will become a lot more visual over time as well, and may very well include current price charts. Assuming Google plans to expand this functionality to all kinds of topics in the future, this may provide another nudge in the right direction as far as global Bitcoin awareness and adoption is concerned.

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