Google Bard price prediction for Bitcoin, Tradecurve, and Polygon

AI tools are gaining popularity, and people are now using tools like Google Bard to get accurate predictions of future market trends. Experienced investors are running analysis on Google Bard to seek out the next projects to see a bull run in the market. The crypto market showcases a lot of robust and strengthening trends towards decentralization-related tools and self-custody, where Tradecurve, Bitcoin, and Polygon are the key players that can drive the future of the blockchain space.


Bitcoin To See A Massive Bull Run

Google Bard thinks Bitcoin can be headed toward a bullish run at the end of 2023 due to increased institutional adoption, the ever-growing acceptance of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency by merchants, and a favorable regulatory environment.

The AI-driven tool did not provide a definitive answer for its growth, but did estimate that, based on expert beliefs, Bitcoin, in a bullish run, can exceed its all-time high and climb to $100,000 by the end of 2023. Bard noted that no speculation is 100% accurate and that each investor should research before making any decision.

Bitcoin traded at $26,505.26 on June 7, 2023, and saw its low point at $25,971.83, with its high end at $27,300.13 during the week. Aside from Bitcoin, we also asked Bard to predict the future of Polygon and Tradecurve.

Polygon’s Value to Swing In Either Direction

Google Bard noted how the future value of Polygon in 2023 is difficult to predict with 100% certainty. It based its predictions according to the current market conditions and expert predictions.

Based on a summary from multiple price forecast analysts, Polygon is expected to climb to a maximum of $1.66 by the end of 2023. Google Bard noted that the overall performance of the crypto market, the adoption of Polygon by businesses, and the development of new features on the network could play a role in this increase. Polygon’s future looks bright, as the network already has a strong team of developers and a growing user base. Polygon traded at $0.775355 on June 7, 2023. Its low point during the week was $0.771075, with its high point at $0.833453.

Tradecurve Up 50% and Can Climb to $1.5 At Launch According To Bard

Ever since Tradecurve started its presale stage for the TCRV token, it has been aggressively bought by investors due to its unique offerings. Just by holding TCRV, investors can get exposure to the growth of Tradecurve and access borderless trading of cryptocurrencies and derivatives. Things are looking bright for the project, as the presale is on a path to raise $20 million. TCRV has already sold millions of tokens and the price increased by 50%, and the value at launch could exceed 100x, to $1.5, according to the data generated by Google Bard.

By holding TCRV, users can access social trading features, a dedicated Trading Academy, participation in on-chain competitions, staking, and access to AI trading algorithms and bots through which anyone can optimize their portfolio.

Tradecurve is a leader in next-generation on-chain trading platforms. With its anonymity, lack of KYC requirements, low and transparent fees, and open market anyone from anywhere can access.

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