Gonear Launches a Council To Propel High Potential Teams

Layer 1 protocols seem to be showing strong growth in early 2022, with the likes of Terra Luna, Avalanche, Fantom, and Near Protocol challenging players like Solana and Polkadot.

Traction from layer ones can generally be gauged by development activity on the protocol. Looking at Near Protocol, the stats are strong, with over 1000 monthly builders joining the ecosystem, 200+ projects, 200+ DAOs, and even 100+ Guilds already launched.

A new project looking to play a vital role in the continuous growth of the ecosystem is GoNear. An EVM-compatible launchpad provides access to early stage NEAR projects & Initial NFT Offerings (INO).

Decentralized Incubator

“Unlike other launchpads, GoNear acts like a decentralized incubator because the launchpad isn’t supported just by the cofounders, but by the GoNear Council,” said Zac Minh, Cofounder of GoNear.

Nine Gonear NFT owners will form “The Council,” contributing their value and communities to drive growth to the GoNear launchpad and projects launching on the platform.

Council members are strong VCs, influencers, and or crypto media outlets. They own the launchpad and have a more substantial say in its direction. This “knights at the roundtable” better ensures successful project launches.

Network Effects

Network effects are what triggers phenomenal growth in many blockchain projects.

Council members are aligned on the mission to ensure project launches & initial NFT offerings are as successful as possible. They are incentivized to collaborate for the greater good. They are giving projects a robust ecosystem of support. This combination of the council’s aligned goals plus collaboration that Zac hopes will drive the significant network effects for any project looking to work with GoNear.

To find out more about GoNear, visit https://www.gonear.io/