Go Help Fund – Connecting People with Blockchain Technology

People throughout the world have been holding humanitarian fundraising campaigns for years, in order to help those in need. However, both supporters and NGOs which choose to help the world become a better place often have troubles with the traditional payment methods available to them.

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Introducing Go Help Fund

To help fix this, Go Help Fund was created, which is a project that is actively working on developing the world’s first platform capable of bringing both NGOs and supporters together, hence helping NGOs raise funds quicker, without needing to use traditional payment methods.

Some of the main benefits associated with the project include the fact that it is global, therefore supporters have the possibility to choose from a list of projects alongside causes posted by various NGOs. Secondly, thanks to blockchain technology, there are reduced security and processing costs for money being raised, while also bringing about an increased growth and scalability. The platform itself is secure, and offers people the ability to issue instant monetary transfers.

Go Help Fund platform will be based on the latest technologies available, and the HELP token as a means of sending payments. With this in mind, the Go Help Fund is a distributed platform powered up by Ethereum and Amazon Web Services. Its purpose is to help empower people donate for a wide variety of charitable events and causes, but also using the HELP token in as the currency of choice for all transactions on the network. Based on this, the HELP token is an ERC20 standard Ethereum token, which will be used as the main currency on the platform. In the future, the company will migrate to their very own blockchain, for added flexibility and more features such as entity master nodes.

Some of the potential use cases for the platform include helping eradicate poverty through smart NGOs and great humanitarian projects, facilitating child protection and inclusion in society for children in need, protecting human rights in numerous countries where they still aren’t being respected, providing sustainable development, helping counter terrorism through various NGO projects, and helping the public through more social actions.

In the future, Go Help Fund will provide people with a few more services, including a mobile app, machine learning, and a self-responsive AI, which will make the process of raising funds for projects much easier than it currently is.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, thanks to a noble, smart and scalable idea, Go Help Fund platform can potentially revolutionize the way funds are donated and raised for NGOs throughout the world, while also facilitating the process for supporters to make a difference.