Gmail Labels Bitcoin Content From Google Alerts As Potentially Dangerous

Google needs to crack down on malicious financial advertisements, and it seems they are taking things well beyond the search engine platform itself. Emails received through Gmail are also flagged if they may contain potentially malicious content.

Gmail Flags Bitcoin Content In Emails

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While it’s commendable for Google to take matters to the next level in the fight against malicious financial advertising, their filters might need some tweaking in the next few weeks. Weeding out malicious ads from legitimate news sources is a challenge, even for the search engine giant.

Gmail, the email service offered by Google to its users, is subject to the same restrictions as search engine results by the look of things. A lot of companies send out emails to advertise financial products, not all of which may be legitimate in the end. Putting a warning message on top of these emails is a positive thing, as Google wants to warn its users about potential dangers.

One Reddit user pointed out how one of his Google Alerts emails containing Bitcoin leads was labeled as potentially dangerous. While it is true Bitcoin is not regulated nor controlled by banks or governments, it doesn’t pose any bigger or smaller risk than other types of investments or currency in the world today.

In fact, Gmail doesn’t seem to discriminate between Bitcoin news sources either, as the articles in the Google Alerts email come from completely different platforms. It seems as if the technology giant is filtering on keywords, and for some reason, Bitcoin is not in their good graces right now, which is only normal given the amount of fake Bitcoin wallet websites popping up in their search results as of late.

At the same time, it is good to see Google is not exempt from their own set of new rules, as they actively filter the information their services provide to users. Weeding out malicious financial advertisements will be a long and hard battle for Google, but they seem to be on the right track, albeit their Bitcoin filters may need some work.

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