Get HYPER as a reward for playing popular games

We have some good news for gamers from all around the world, as cryptocurrencies are beginning to shift some of their focus towards improving the gaming market and allowing players to make payments with the help of virtual coins.

As an effort to increase its popularity, the world’s first Bitcoin alternative meant for gaming has started sponsoring a couple of popular games. With this in mind, HYPER is now pleased to announce that they have started funding the adventure game, Troll Song which is the world’s first indie game to be backed by a cryptocurrency. This means that the game development will now be carried out thanks to the funds the team behind the game has received from HYPER. The sponsorship came in as a big surprise mainly due to the fact that the company behind Troll Song was having trouble finding sponsors, as not many were willing to invest and put themselves at a financial risk. However, the investment made by the cryptocurrency with the help of their own tokens represents a win-win situation, as the coin has the opportunity of being used by more people and the game developers have received the push they needed to be able to finish up the game and market it all around the world.

Not only will the game see some significant updates in the next few months, but it will also begin offering players cryptocurrency rewards, just like it is already being done by games such as CS:GO, Corsa Racing, Assetto, StarMade and more.

As a cryptocurrency and Bitcoin alternative, HYPER is basically a low energy coin designed for one main purpose- to serve the gaming industry. With this in mind, it means that players will be able to buy games or make in-game purchases with the help of the cryptocurrency. Other games such as the ones outlined above will also begin offering their players cryptocurrency rewards that can later be used to buy new upgrades, or even be exchanged to fiat and therefore used as a normal currency, just about anywhere around the world.

Reports also indicate that the Bitcoin alternative was added to, which means that online merchants will not be easily able to accept the coin as a form of payment. As time passes, artists are also picking up the coin, as it is gradually becoming a cryptocurrency popular for being used as a way to pay for entertainment, or to cash in rewards.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, chances are that HYPER will start playing a bigger role in the gaming industry as time passes, as users have been fully satisfied with the coin and the way it functions. The rewards which are being given out are also worth it, as the value of the coin is steadily increasing and is suspected to reach a new top-value in the near future. Just like Bitcoin, those who hold on to it and continue playing games and receiving rewards for their performance may have the chance of accumulating a good wealth overall, which is definitely what most seek, apart from simply having fun.

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