Gemini exchange announces expansion to Canada

Since it has launched as an exchange, the Gemini platform has been constantly gaining more popularity alongside with a bigger community. Recent reports indicate that the exchange will soon expand its services over to Canada, hence marking the beginning of their international expansion goal.

In a recent blog post, the Gemini exchange stated that: “We are thrilled to announce the expansion of Gemini services to the Great White North! This is just the beginning of Gemini’s international expansion and our tireless pursuit of building a world-class digital asset exchange with global reach”, the official announcement reads.”

As Gemini also introduced ETH/BTC trading a while ago, registered customers in Canada will be able to take advantage of this feature as well. In return, this will likely prove to be a step forward for those interested in Ether.

The exchange also mentioned that they’ll soon open their USD order books for the region. This means that users will be able to buy BTC with either USD or ETH, but also sell BTC for USD or ETH. On the other side of the spectrum, Canadian users will also be allowed to buy ETH via USD or BTC, and sell ETH for BTC or USD.

At the end of their announcement, Gemini stated that they’ll soon be expanding to additional areas of operations, so we can expect some more announcements of this kind in the foreseeable future.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about Gemini’s expansion to Canada? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Gemini

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