Gavin Andresen GitHub Commit Access Revoked

With all of the drama surrounding to supposed reveal of the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, a lot of news is not getting the attention it deserves. Gavin Andresen has allegedly validated Craig Wright’s claims as being Satoshi, but at the same time, his commit access to Bitcoin Core’s Github project has been removed.

Gavin Andresen Loses Bitcoin Core Privileges

TheMerkle_Bitcoin Development Gavin Andresen Commit Access Revoked

Although they may be a certain truth to Gavin Andresen’s social accounts being hacked, it could very well be another ploy by one of the most prominent members of Bitcoin to discredit the popular cryptocurrency. At this point, there is a lot of speculation going on right now; there should be no finger pointing and blame until the truth is revealed.

Whatever that truth might be, Bitcoin Core members have revoked the commit access Gavin Andresen had for this project on GitHub.  There is a legitimate concern by other Bitcoin Core developers as to whether or not Gavin has become the target of a big attack, or if not, what else might be going down behind the scenes.

For the time being, this seems to be the decision the team could make, as anyone who is part of a public media crusade against Bitcoin can be seen as a liability for now. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind it will take several weeks, if not months until the truth will be revealed as to whether or not we know the real Satoshi Nakamoto, and what Gavin Andresen’s role has been in all of this.

At the same time, people should ask themselves if it is that important to find out who Satoshi Nakamoto is. It is not the first time – nor the last – someone tries to uncover the man, woman, or team behind the Bitcoin protocol, although none of these efforts have been even remotely successful so far.

Granted, this mystery has been bringing a lot of attention to Bitcoin throughout the years, and a lot of people would like to know more about who created bitcoin. But in the end, the cryptocurrency has matured quite well ever since Satoshi left the stage, and stories like these take away the spotlight from what Bitcoin has achieved so far.

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