The Future of School

Even after the height of the pandemic, many students and their families still prefer an online or hybrid school model to its many benefits. Students who are enrolled in online schools have overall better performance than students who were enrolled in traditional in-person schools. Teachers note that the skills that are taught in professionally designed online schools are the reason behind the improved performance, but what exactly are those skills?


One of the key elements of professionally designed online learning models is a student-led project based curriculum. This curriculum encourages student motivation and encouragement as well as increased knowledge retention. Project based learning also builds critical thinking skills and leads to overall greater persistence in college. 


Professionally designed online schools use this project based curriculum combined with a no-grade system that uses feedback for improvement rather than letter grades. When students are given grades they are motivated by the grade solely rather than their desire to learn. Lack of grades builds a better attitude about school and enhances self-esteem and self-confidence in students. Online schools also lead to overall higher graduation rates as well as more students enrolling in college. 


These main elements of online schools work together to make an overall more effective and enjoyable school experience for students and their families. With 42% of students reporting that they prefer online schools, it is important that these schools provide the necessary skills for students to succeed in their futures. In this new age of advanced technology students need to learn skills in analytical thinking, innovation, and initiative. All of these skills are built upon with the format of online schools. 


Our students are the future of this country. It is important that they are being taught in an environment that is enriching that also provides a space that is safe and comfortable. The future of school is online, learn more about them in the infographic below:

What Does the Future of School Look Like?