The Future of Eyewear is Looking Bright

The global pandemic changed many different aspects of our lives. One thing that has been observed is the dramatically different wardrobes we have become accustomed to. Many have ditched fancier office attire for sweatpants and yes, the Zoom shirt. Glasses have become more than simple form and function. They are now an extremely part of our fashion, especially given how much screen time we have with the world through video and live streaming. Let’s examine the future of eyewear below.

One area of eyeglasses that you may not have heard about is replacement lenses. Yes, you can keep your frames and get a whole new set of lenses if they were scratched, worn out, or maybe your eyes need a new prescription.

There has also been some pretty interesting fanfare in terms of smart glasses. Many of us can recall the first foray with players such as Google Glass, but things are getting more sophisticated – and stylish – with the advent of market movers such as the Facebook / Meta Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.

The future of eyewear is looking bright – consider your options including some very futuristic tech in the visual deep dive below:

Looking Up. The Future of Eyewear Is Shining Bright