FREED to Make Gaming Free in Exchange for User Computing Power

During the last couple of years, the gaming industry has continued to evolve, with billions of dollars being poured into the development and purchase of games. FREED represents an interesting project that aims to make online games free for players, while also offering developers an innovative method of monetization.

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To put things better into perspective, FREED represents a publicly-shared economic platform that allows the efficient use of computing resources by developers, in exchange for offering gamers free access to games. Its goal is to transform gamers’ computers into a global computing network, used for purposes such as cryptocurrency mining, 3D rendering, machine learning, big data analysis, alongside with other heavy computing tasks in the research, medicinal and biology markets. By doing so, game developers will be able to monetize their work in a different manner which no longer requires players to pay for access, or purchase in-game items.

FREED works by enabling both players and developers to integrate their games onto the distributed computing system. Therefore, when computers are used for tasks, developers are paid in FREEDcoin tokens. On the other hand, game publishers can also reward players with in-game items, thus incentivising them further.

With these aspects in mind, the platform is bound to benefit three demographics: players, developers, and those who require computing power, and do not wish to invest large sums of money into purchasing supercomputers.

The FREED platform has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, therefore it allows all parts involved to easily coordinate their tasks, computing pools, billing, while also being able to evenly distribute the workload across multiple computers. Gamers will be able to choose when and how their computing power is used.

Following FREED’s initial announcement, the platform has piqued the interest of several companies, these being the IBM Corporation, Alawar, Penta Games, and The Red Machine, all of which have become partners of the platform.

Those who are interested in learning more about FREED, should know that the platform is planning to hold their PRE-ICO and ICO in the first quarter of 2018, followed by its release shortly after.

For more information on FREED, feel free to check out their website, white paper and presentation video.