Free and low-cost security software for SMBs you probably didn’t know about

Information leakage and cyber-attacks are among the most acute topics for today’s digital world. Thus, according to the recent report by Barkly, in 2016 over half the organizations (54%) fell victim to one or more successful cyber-attacks. The number is even higher for those who faced ransomware attacks (57%). Additionally, 71% of companies targeted with ransomware attacks were infected.

Considering the fact that big corporations use quite a bit of efforts and allocate a substantial amount of funds to protect their sensitive data, implementing various solutions (including custom linguistic software), small and mid-sized businesses are becoming more exposed to cyber-attacks. The discussion “Hacked: The Implications of a Cyber Breach” proves this assumption: nowadays, 62% of cyber-breach victims are SMBs.  

To secure your business, staff training is not enough. It’s indispensable to employ anti-malware software that is licensed for commercial usage. Of course, you may not have enough money to purchase sophisticated software (tailored for the company) or costly custom apps for small business.   

Fortunately, there’s an array of free or low-cost security solutions your SMB can use. Let’s have a brief look at some of them.  

#1 Comodo

Comodo is free software able to protect systems from viruses, spyware, malware, bots, etc. Don’t worry if the software isn’t updated: it uses both local and cloud-based virus definitions, thus, you can be sure that your computers are well protected.

The beauty of Comodo is that it uses an enterprise-grade technology with no additional charge. Not only does it scan for vulnerabilities, identify malicious attacks and protects systems, but it also boasts an auto sandbox technology to safely run untrusted programs. Furthermore, it uses the secure DNS to filter blacklisted websites, and the allows to lock down PCs opening them to only whitelisted applications.   

#2 Nano Antivirus

Nano Antivirus is top-notch antivirus software that, unlike the majority of free antivirus solutions, protects against winlockers and ransomware. Nano guarantees reliability and speed by running on its own antivirus engine and proving real-time defense for local systems, downloads, and Web traffic.

This software also gives a chance to choose the type of protection: you can relish recommended settings for hands-free protection or advanced settings if you have your own IT department.


ESET is low-cost software that protects your network servers and computers, mobile devices, USB drives, and more. You can choose solutions and tools by product type and industry, for instance, endpoint or mobile security, encryption, remote management, file and email security, etc. With the small business package you can manage the whole system with a single remote console being in or out of office.

#4 Cloudflare

CloudFlare is a free tool that allows protecting your company’s web portal (a corporate site, an online shop, etc.). The software automatically detects attacks (SQL injections and DoS attacks) aimed at closing down the website, combats them, and prepares timely reports so that you could stay alert.

With CloudFlare, you will be granted an opportunity to get detailed and valuable information on website visitors, to analyze their IP addresses, reputation, and other aspects to identify validity. CloudFlare also makes it easy to configure SSL. Thus, you will not have to worry about installation issues, expiring certificates, or optimizing SSL settings.

#5 Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is another optimal solution, especially taking into account the fact that your computers are not the only assets that are at risk of information leaks. If you need to protect your business from cyber-attacks on phones and tablets, you can try any of the Lookout solutions: Personal, Mobile Endpoint Security, Threat Intelligence, App Security.  

This software predicts, anticipates, and protects your business against malware, data leakage, and risks that side-loaded apps and jailbroken devices entail. Lookout provides advanced tools to track and manage different risks, app vendors, vet software, and ensures compliance with security regulations and your company’s policies.


All in all, no matter which software you choose, remember that only a few employees (most essential ones) should get permission to disable protection if necessary (i.e. on the need-to-know basis). Moreover, while looking for solutions, apt for quality and choose those that meet your company’s particular needs.   

About The Author

Yana Yelina is a website design and development expert at EffectiveSoft, a custom software development company with 250+ specialists who boast expertise in different business domains (healthcare, trading and finance, logistics, e-commerce, etc.). You can reach Yana at [email protected] or connect with her via LinkedIn or Twitter.