Former News of the World Executives Found in Contempt for Misleading Information

Former editor for News of the World Colin Myler, and his former legal manager Tom Crone were found to be in contempt of the House of Commons for presenting false evidence relating to the phone hacking scandal in 2009.

The two may be formally admonished by the House of Commons and could be fined or put behind bars. iMediaEthics wrote to the News UK, who published the now-untrue News of the World, for comment.

“The culture committee referred its report to the privileges and standards committee to investigate complaints that it was grossly unfair to NoW executives, in what has become a test case for parliament on how it responds when witnesses allegedly mislead parliamentary committees,” reports said.

In 2009 Crone misled the committee with his evidence about phone hacking related to a phone hacking settlement, and that employees knew about the hacking. It also found Myler to be misleading by giving false information about employees using phone hacking.

“I do not accept the findings made against me, and I stand by the evidence I gave. I am extremely disappointed,” Crone said.

Mylar was News of the World’s last editor before it shut down in 2011. He was also editor of the New York Daily News in 2012 to 2015.

Testimonies prompted by the House of Commons, revealed the committee began investigating in 2015, right after general elections.

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