FLUX – one of the biggest crypto communities opens Public Token Sale on April 17!

One of the biggest and fastest growing crypto communities announces a blockchain-based Game Monetization System and opens Token Sale on April 17.

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During the last couple of years, the gaming industry has seen a massive growth in size, as roughly 2.3 billion players produce over $105 billion in revenue on a yearly basis. However, the gaming environment has a major problem, this being a lack of monetary liquidity, due to centralized payment systems, which cannot effectively serve players who wish to purchase/sale in-game items, or those who play competitively.

This is about to change, given the appearance of FLUX, which is a unique gaming platform, meant to unite all parts of the gaming ecosystem. Therefore, players, developers, traders and other members of the community will be able to transform time spent gaming, into a profit, via the Flux Coin.

The smart contract-based platform will have several pillars supporting it. To kick things off, the matchmaking feature will allow players to compete in games, and earn the opponent’s tokens after defeating them. The developer market will allow for a more efficient monetization of competitive games, as developers can help increase demand, by distributing their games on the Flux platform, while also earning commissions on competitive matches.

Additionally, Flux will also offer a trading platform and store. All participants can trade in-game items, skins, game currencies or packages, in exchange for Flux Coin. Those with bright ideas will be able to describe their project idea, and have it funded by the community, through the crowdfunding platform available on Flux.

Those who enjoy streaming their gameplay will also obtain several benefits. Flux will grant live streamers the possibility to receive donations both from Twitch, but also from Flux. For streamers, this will mean a larger viewer base, alongside higher revenue.

To make the project a reality, Flux will be holding their public sale between the 17th and 24th of April. Keep in mind the fact that the whitelist is limited, yet offers a bonus of 30%. FLUX has already reached the soft cap, during their pre-ICO.

The FLUX team is also pleased to note the willingness of leading companies to be among the partners of the project: Ubisoft, Hyundai, and others that will be announced soon. Together with the project team – this is a highly reliable fusion of the best expertise in the industry.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, Flux hopes to monetise the gaming environment in such a way that will be beneficial to the users. By creating a universal in-game payment platform backed by tokens, Flux will eliminate many of the impediments that the gaming ecosystem has been dealing with until now. For more information, feel free to check out their website.