Five Ways People Actively Promote Bitcoin

Promoting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not an easy task these days, but there are some interesting ideas to be found all over the world. The Great Canadian Water Co. has come up with a mockup design for Bitcoin water bottles. In fact, they will be sold for Bitcoin if there is enough demand to produce these labels.

Promoting Bitcoin Through Different Means

TheMerkle_Marketing Promoting Bitcoin

When promoting Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, the primary goal is to put the branding out there for everyone to see. As we saw in recent months, Genesis Mining has taken a liking to sponsoring massive billboards, featuring Bitcoin-related themes. An excellent initiative that will get people talking, but more efforts are needed.

Other initiatives might be less spectacular in nature, but they bear as good a chance as any to attract lots of eyeballs. Bitcoin clothing goes a long way, as it is the first thing people see when encountering others. Spreading the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency with T-shirts, hoodies, and hats is always a positive thing. But don’t forget the Bitcoin socks either, which make great gifts.

Another interesting way to promote Bitcoin is by getting tiny amounts into the hands of as many people as possible without too much friction. Most Meetup groups and university initiatives hand out small amounts of Bitcoin at every turn, which will also boost the number of mobile wallet installations in the long run. Talking about Bitcoin is one thing, but people have to see the magic happen with their own eyes.

Despite getting a lot of mainstream media attention, Bitcoin does not have a favorite name among general consumers and enterprises. While there are many Bitcoin media outlets around the world spreading the word on cryptocurrency, there is always room for more content creators. Over the years, this has led to a growing collection of Bitcoin podcasts, articles, and there is still a lot to be done.

One of the more recent ideas comes from the Great Canadian Water Co., who are partnering with Coinfest to create Bitcoin water bottles. This may seem like an insignificant project, but a lot of consumers are well aware of the labels on their beverages. A beautiful black and white Bitcoin label on a water bottle will certainly attract some attention.

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