FINMA-Compliant Crypto Bank Dukascopy Offers Rewards for DUK+ Users

Dukascopy is a decentralized foreign exchange bank that is the first in the world to be fully compliant with its jurisdiction’s regulatory authority. Based in Switzerland, the bank operates in full in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Swiss financial market regulatory authority, FINMA.

Dukascopy Reward Program

Dukascopy offers its users a new avenue for storing, trading and increasing their wealth. Now, through its native Dukascoin (DUK+), the Swiss bank gives its users multiple ways to earn rewards in different forms, both for new and existing users:


  • Mobile Current Account: All users are instantly rewarded with 5 DUK+ when signing up for a Mobile Current Account (MCA).


  • Referrals: Users, even new ones, can earn a further 5 DUK+ for every new user they refer. More coins are earned when users hold on to the rewarded coins for more than 30 days (See Terms and Conditions).


  • Fiat Rewards: Users can earn fiat by making deposits in DUK+ in their Dukascopy account. Every DUK+ that is deposited and held for a year rewards users with EUR 0.5. The fiat is deposited in the account as soon as DUK+ are also deposited, with the earnt euros blocked until the completion of the 12-month term (See Terms and Conditions).



  • Fat Catz Rewards: For big players in the market, Dukasopy offers an extra reward. Users who hold DUK+ to an amount equivalent to or more than 10,000 are eligible for profit rewards. The bank charges a small fee for all trades made by internal traders. The proceedings from the charges are then distributed among these Fat Catz. Last June, four Fat Catz shared EUR 1,365 in distributions.

About Dukascopy

The first crypto bank ever to be in full compliance with regulatory authorities, the Dukascopy satisfies all the laws and regulations of Swiss FINMA. Based on the Ethereum decentralized network, the bank was launched in 2018, with the DUK+ cryptocurrency issued in February this year.

A unique combination of a cryptocurrency and fiat-based compliance, the bank offers its users digital and traditional money storage. The latest reward earning program follows the same principle, with users getting DUK+ and euro as rewards. The reward program is available globally to everyone and users can take part in this by signing up for a Mobile Current Account.

The bank provides internet-based financial services, such as foreign exchange, bullion, and binaries to users from all over the world. The bank is Swiss-based with offices in Dubai, Kiev, Hong Kong, Riga, Moscow and Kuala Lumpur.

For more information on the Swiss foreign exchange bank, visit their website.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article