Financial Experts Don’t Like The Lack of Bitcoin Price Volatility

In the early days of Bitcoin, financial experts were not too happy with the volatility associated with digital currency. However, now that things have relatively stabilized, these same experts are calling Bitcoin a less suitable financial replacement, as a stable investment vehicle creates little to no market demand. At the same time, stock markets are more volatile than they have ever been before.

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Bitcoin Can’t Please Everybody All The Time

TheMerkle_Financial Expert Bitcoin Price Volatility

While there is a certain point to be made regarding how Bitcoin volatility affects its chances of becoming a global payment anytime soon, price swings were to be expected during the early days. After all, Bitcoin had no value for quite some time, but once people started seeing the benefits of the digital currency, price increased, exploded, and plummeted.

Ever since that time, however, Bitcoin has turned into something more than just an investment vehicle. More merchants started embracing the digital currency due to lower transaction costs and global appeal, and consumers have taken somewhat of a liking to Bitcoin as well. While it is still too early to talk about mass adoption, things have definitely improved in the past year and a half.

But these same financial experts judging Bitcoin for its volatility are now coming up with a different excuse to warn people about digital currency. The rather stable price – albeit a loosely used term – has them concerned as well, as little to no volatility reduces arbitrage opportunities, as well as profits to be made. After all, what is the use of a different type of currency if there is no money to be made in a 24-hour period?

It seems there is no pleasing the financial experts as far as Bitcoin is concerned, although that is no real surprise either. It is not in their best interest to promote Bitcoin by any means, as it would drive business away from themselves. People who are in control of other people’s money wouldn’t want their clients to know more about financial freedom, as that would have an adverse effect.

In the end, the reduced Bitcoin volatility is positive for both consumers and merchants. Digital currency makes middlemen, such as banks and financial experts, completely irrelevant. Financial advice is important to some people, but when it comes to Bitcoin, all of the decision require careful and proper research, which users have to conduct themselves.

Source; FXStreet

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