Faucet Game Review

There are many Bitcoin casinos and online gambling websites out there, yet Faucet Game is bringing something entirely different to the table. Not only can players play casino games on this platform, but it is actually a Bitcoin faucet. Combining the opportunity to earn free Bitcoin with playing casino games is an interesting concept. In fact, the site even mentions how most of the games are rigged to favour the player.

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Faucet Game Mixes Free Earnings With Casino Games

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Earning Bitcoin in exchange for small tasks is the bread and butter of any digital currency faucet. Faucet Game is offering a similar experience, as users can earn 250 satoshis every 15 minutes by hitting one button on the web page. The only requirement is that users need to turn off any ad blockers in their browser, as these remain in operating by showing advertisements to visitors.

For those users looking to earn even more sem-passive income, there is a referral program. For every claim made by one of your referrals, you will earn 50% of the amount they claimed. Assuming the user claims the reward four times per hour during 8 hours of the day, the affiliate will earn 4,000 Satoshi from one referral.

But there is more, as users can claim a Daily Bonus from Faucet Game, worth 1,000 credits. Increasing one’s level – by playing the casino games offered by the platform – will reward in higher daily bonuses. There are certain requirements that need to be met before this bonus is paid out, though, such as completing some slot spins, dice rolls, and so on.

Speaking of the games offered by Faucet Game, there are a few different options to choose from. Players can pick between slots, spin the wheel, dice games, blackjack, or Falling Fortune. This latter option is a Bitcoin drop game, which can – together with all of the others – be played entirely for free. However, all earnings will be credited to the player’s balance. A timer will also show below the game as to when users can claim their free credits from the faucet again.

To maximize earnings and increase the betting limits, users can upgrade their Faucet Game account. The maximum rank is level 20, which will cost the user 2 million credits. What is rather intriguing is how this platform does not allow any manual deposits for gambling purposes, as users can only spend their earnings on upgrading the account and playing games. This keeps everything fair and also ensures players come back to improve their standing over time.

Last but not least, there is an option for VIP membership, which gives various perks. Not only is there an Exclusive Chatroom, but also increasing faucet and referral earnings, no more ads and captchas, an auto-play bot, and much more. Before Faucet Game users can apply for VIP access, they will need to register an account with the platform. Depending on how long they want to remain a VIP, package prices vary between 0.01 BTC for one month and 0.1 BTC for lifetime access. This is the only exception to the “no deposit” rule on the platform.

Future upgrades will be coming to the Faucet Game platform too, as the owner has informed us multiplayer poker will be added over the next few weeks. Similar to all of the other games on the platform, there will be no external Bitcoin deposits accepted. Faucet Game players might want to start saving up some of their credits for when this new feature launches. Additionally, there is a rumour about a potential deal with Betcoin, which would let Faucet Game users withdraw funds to their Betcoin account. Plus, they would receive 10% of their withdrawal amount on top, courtesy of Faucet Game.

Website: http://FaucetGame.com/

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