Failed Turkey Coup Spurs Debate over Bitcoin As Investment

The failed military coup in Turkey has been causing a lot of speculation regarding precious metals and Bitcoin. Whereas consumers and investors might be looking to invest in gold a decade ago, the attention is turning towards Bitcoin in this day and age. Events like these are horrible, but they also present unexpected opportunities.

Bitcoin Becomes A Topic of Discussion In Turkey

Hardly anyone will be surprised as to how the failed military coup in Turkey has affected the stock markets. Although no significant volatility was recorded in most segments, the markets responded with negative trends. No one saw this military coup coming, even though Erdogan has not been making too many friends ever since being in charge.

One aspect most people seem to overlook is whether or not these events have a long-term effect on the markets. The VIX, as the service is called, attempts to gauge market sentiment for the foreseeable future. If volatility is expected, investors will look for other alternatives rather than relying on the stock markets.

So far, equity markets have seen little to no effect as a result of civil unrest. The events taking place in Turkey and Nice have done little to shake up the markets, but that doesn’t mean they are out of the woods just yet. The bubble in China, compared with these two attacks and the terrorist attack in the United States, have

It has to be said, central banks and the Federal Reserve have managed to stave off any significant impact so far. The only question is how long this situation can continue for in the coming weeks and months. At the same time, this news forces consumers to realize how appealing alternative investments can be during economic troubles.

Ten years ago, people would have flocked to precious metals, and gold in particular. While gold remains appealing today, some individuals and investors are looking for alternative solutions. Unlike what most people would come to expect, Bitcoin is becoming a topic of discussion these days. No significant impact on the Bitcoin price has been noted just yet, but that may only be a matter of time.

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