Europe’s BlockShow Utilizes Polling Application to Highlight European Influencers

When looking at cryptocurrencies and blockchains, there have been discussions regarding the best crypto startups or some of the best regions for crypto, but rarely will you find an in-depth look at the major players and businesses that are changing the industry as a whole in one place.

Wanting to change this, BlockShow is now working on a never-before-used blockchain polling solution to find out who the most influential European companies are, as well as the most influential European female influencers who are changing the blockchain sphere.

One of the systems being utilized, Polys, is a secure, transparent, easy-to-deploy system that allows for the creation of blockchain-based polls and surveys. While there are other blockchain polling applications available, Polys was ready to answer the call and meet this project’s requirements.

The team at BlockShow is looking to highlight the movers and shakers in the industry, and more specifically, the women and game-changing companies that are directly shaping the crypto and blockchain industry.

While it is obvious why BlockShow is looking at game-changing companies, they also wanted to highlight the women in this male-dominated field. In a report from Forbes, it was shown that only 5-7% of crypto users are women, and that number is even smaller when looking at those that are actually involved in the field. For this reason, BlockShow wanted to highlight the fact that there are many women changing the digital landscape of blockchain-based businesses.

BlockShow will be the first to use a blockchain-based polling application at such a scale. As blockchain technology continues to improve, BlockShow is showing attendees and fans a practical use case for this transformational technology.

BlockShow’s upcoming conference, BlockShow Europe 2018, will only focus on those women from European countries, keeping with the overall theme of the event. 16 women and 16 companies have been chosen for inclusion in the polls, with voters having the chance to input their own recommendations.

As for the women in blockchain, there is a wide selection of influential individuals representing companies like Golem, BitPesa, Bancor, SatoshiLabs, Aragon, SAP and HSBC. Names include Elizabeth Rossiello (CEO at BitPesa), Ming Chan (Executive Director at the Ethereum Foundation), Marion Vogel (Director at Aeternity), and Shermin Voshmgir, who’s the Director of Research at the Institute for Crypto Economics as well as the Founder of BlockchainHub.

And as for the startups and companies shaping blockchain tech in Europe, entrants include Ethereum, IOTA, Cosmos, Lisk, Bitfury, ICON, Raiden Network, Populous, Polkadot, Golem, Status, Aeternity, Bancor, Cardano, and SingularityNET. All of these companies are based in European countries.

BlockShow has always had a heavy focus on the startups and up-and-coming companies in this industry, not just established enterprises and major corporates. This poll is a good example of that. Yes, there are some huge names, but there are also plenty of come-ups as well.

Voting is now open and will run through the BlockShow Europe conference taking place on May 28-29, with winners being announced on the final day of the conference. Voting is not limited to attendees, as anyone has the ability to vote via the blockchain-based polling website found here.

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