EurekaX, the Cryptocurrency Exchange That Tackles Liquidity Troubles

Cryptocurrency exchanges have become a staple in the ever-growing digital asset economy, which by and large is thriving beyond comprehension. Yet still, there are some persistent issues with exchanges and often, liquidity is cited as one of the critical issues facing the nascent industry.

Thinly Spread

Liquidity, in the case of cryptocurrency exchanges, refers to the ability to readily to convert a digital asset without waiting for the order to be matched and thus completed. What troubles traders is that they may be trading a certain crypto on a particular exchange that falls short of having a high trading frequency, meaning that these orders will not be fulfilled as quickly as desired.

Ultimately, this can result in traders missing out on their desired trading prices, leading to significant dents in portfolios, especially in the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency markets of today. Another problem brought on by low liquidity is that markets can become more volatile, bringing forth more price slippages, all the while opening the doors for large holders to manipulate the prices.

With liquidity being one of the primary differentiation factors for crypto-innovation, the market is keenly looking to those able to offer a sustainable solution.

Maximum Liquidity

One such claimant to that solution is an emerging crypto exchange that goes by the name of EurekaX. Built on the Eureka Network, which is a hybrid of both ethereum and bitcoin blockchains, EurekaX is looking to leave its mark on the cryptocurrency trading world with a very interesting proposition.

The EurekaX cryptocurrency exchange is set to become the highest liquidity exchange in the entire world, and it will do so by linking its order book with the likes of Binance and OKEx, ushering in a new era of cryptocurrency trading with a liquidity pool that competes with the best of them.

In addition to the exchanges upgrade, EurekaX will be offering 300 EurekaCoin (ERK) to 100,000 new users who register until August 21st, 2019, when the new exchange launches. As an extension to this offer, there is an additional 200 ERK awarded each time a user refers a friend.

Also in the woodworks is the news that the exchange will be launching EurekaDEX, a decentralized exchange due in Q4 2019.

EurekaX is built on a network that, as mentioned earlier, taps into the best of both the bitcoin and ethereum networks. This is one of the most interesting facets of the project as the EurekaX is built on a unique Proof-of-Stake network, meaning that all transaction profits that would otherwise be paid to ethereum miners, are actually paid directly to projects built on the Eureka Network.

With EurekaX, the end result for traders appears to be an ultra-smooth trading experience where liquidity is the least worrisome area of a trader’s life. Should this idea take off, there’s little to not say that further innovations from the Eureka Network will have even broader positive impacts for the crypto-community as a whole.

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