EUGEN KAUFMAN, CEO PLAYHALL: Advantages of the PlayHall Platform

PlayHall is an innovative Skill Gaming platform. During the platform development its authors used smart contracts and the blockchain technology, while also following the decentralization principles. Cryptocurrency within the PlayHall platform is a tool for users to monetize their skills, experience, and intelligence.

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One of the biggest advantages of the PlayHall platform is that it takes into account interests of both users and developers. Within the platform, gamers can compete in intellectual games and earn cryptocurrency with every win, while developers get a reliable and effective way of monetizing their product.

Advantages for Developers

The biggest problem that the mobile game developers face today is the difficulty of monetizing their product. It is not just small companies and indie developers who have trouble profiting from their games, but big studios as well. There are only so many popular ways of monetizing mobile games.

The most obvious way of profiting from game distribution is to sell it through app stores. Large investments in marketing are necessary for this way to be successful, but even with them you cannot reach the audience which gives preference to free games as a position of principle.

Another option is distributing games for free and profiting from in-game purchases. At first glance this model might seem to be quite effective, nevertheless it is affected by a considerable disadvantage: in-game purchases often negatively affect in-game balance.

The last popular option is in-app ads. Sometimes developers can profit considerably thanks to good partnership offers. In most cases, however, in-game ads are frowned upon.

Although there are other ways of monetization that can be quite effective under certain circumstances, in most cases game developers use those three methods mentioned above. The PlayHall platform offers developers of mobile skill games a new monetization method, which is free of all the mentioned shortcomings.

On the PlayHall platform gamers play intellectual games for cryptocurrency, while developers and platform authors get a commission from each regular match or tournament. Thus, developers get an opportunity to monetize their games without any problems typical to traditional methods of making profits.

Furthermore, porting a game to the PlayHall platform in itself automatically leads to popularization of the game in the gaming community. Authors of the platform take promoting upon themselves, thus allowing developers to make profit and concentrate on what they are meant to do – to develop new high-quality games.

Advantages for Players

The sole fact of creating a platform which would host hundreds of online mobile skill games is definitely good news for the entire gaming community, for more and more people prefer intellectual games over similar shooters and strategies.

Another important feature of the PlayHall platform is the opportunity for every player to profit from winning games. The growing popularity of the cryptocurrency industry leads to the fact that people seriously start to consider the possibility and even the need to monetize their time.

No popular esport allows making profits from the gaming process unless you are a professional gamer. In PlayHall, anyone willing will be able to play and win cryptocurrency. The distinctive feature of the platform is that it offers skill games as opposed to classic shooters or strategy games, which makes it especially attractive for intellectually savvy holders of cryptocurrency.

Profit, however, is not the only thing that the platform offers to its players. As of today, there are no platforms which would offer all the most successful and popular multiplayer skill games on the market in one place.