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Scam sites in the cryptocurrency world are not just limited to Bitcoin these days.Ever since Ethereum started gaining in popularity, Internet criminals have created new Ponzi Schemes to try and ride the coattails of this project. is an apparent Ponzi Scheme to any level-headed person, yet people continue to fall for their tricks.

EtherFund.Biz Has Nothing To Do With Ethereum

Looking over the website, it becomes apparently rather quickly something is seriously wrong here. It is not unusual to see people run a scam site for Bitcoin, but Ethereum users have been left alone most of the time., however, wants to attract unsuspecting Ethereum holders to “invest” their money.

Granted, the website is apparently run by a company called Ether Group. Do not confuse this entity for some legitimate corporation, though. Nor should users be fooled by the enterprise registration number on the website. Anyone in the UK can obtain a number for a small fee, and it adds zero legitimacy.

On the main page, a recent news post indicates the company has been around for just over 100 days. That seems rather strange, considering the company registration number was only granted on June 7, 2016. That is roughly 70 days before this article being published. Either they ran the scheme illegitimately – although they still do – or this is just another fake claim to attract new investors.

To make matters even stranger, the company accepts a wide variety of payments. Perfect money, Payeer, AdvCash, and Bitcoin are all supported. But for a company that claims to invest in Ethereum, wouldn’t it make more sense to accept Ethereum payments as well? Plenty of existing ETH holders wouldn’t mind a legitimate opportunity to increase their balance.

Speaking of growing one’s balance, claims to offer between 5.2% and 6% daily returns. All of these investment plans run for 25 days, resulting in significant profits. To make the offer even better, users will earn up to 12% referral commission for every new user who deposits funds through their link. All in all, pretty standard scam tactics, and a site Ethereum users need to avoid at all costs.

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