Ethereum Price Could Rebound to $700 Later Today if Momentum Remains Solid

Sundays are usually contrarian days in the world of cryptocurrencies. During this time of the week, there is often price momentum which seemingly contradicts everything else for the past week. Today is no different, as all markets are rebounding after a few difficult days. This is a positive development for enthusiasts, although maintaining this momentum will not be easy.

The Ethereum Price Rebounds Strongly

It is evident this week has seen its ups and downs as far as all cryptocurrencies are concerned. All markets have lost significant value this week, but it seems a lot of losses are being recovered in quick succession. For the Ethereum price, the dip was quite steep, as the value went from $800 to $644 in very quick succession. This is mainly due to speculation in South Korea regarding the Upbit exchange.

Over the past 24 hours, however, things have certainly improved for the Ethereum price. With a 5.25% gain, there is some temporary reprieve as of right now. Although the Ethereum price still hasn’t recovered to $700, it seems that might happen at some point later today. The Sunday cryptocurrency momentum is always a bit odd, as it contradicts what most people would come to expect at this point in time.

This Ethereum price rise is also facilitated by strong gains in the ETH/BTC ratio. More specifically, Ethereum has gained 3.68% over Bitcoin in this regard. While not necessarily spectacular, it is still a pretty interesting trend to keep an eye on. With Bitcoin’s value now going up as well, the cryptocurrency industry as a whole might show some signs of recovery for this weekend. It is still too early to say for sure how things will play out in this regard.

With $2.288bn in 24-hour trading volume, there is no shortage of people looking to buy and sell Ether. That is a positive sign, a sit almost appeared as if the overall cryptocurrency trading volume would dip below $20bn again. So far, that has not happened yet, but it is evident the overall sentiment is still rather bearish at this time.

The way things look right now, OKEx remains the biggest exchange for Ethereum trading volume. Bitfinex is in second place, followed by Huobi and Binance’s USDT and BTC pairs. Just one fiat currency pair in the five can spell some trouble for the Ethereum price later today, but so far, it isn’t causing any major problems just yet. If this momentum remains in place for a few more hours, it is evident the Ethereum price may hit $700 this evening.

While this temporary bounce is quite positive for all cryptocurrencies, it is still not an indication the markets have officially recovered. The previous big dip lasted almost four months, yet this setback seems to be less of a problem. Even so, anything can happen in the world of cryptocurrency, and it is very well possible the Ethereum price recovery won’t be as spectacular as expected. Today will be a very interesting day, that much seems rather evident.