Ethereum’s 5001% Price Rise Explained

Ethereum – the cryptocurrency created in 2013 – has been a story of success in the crypto world. Some key events marked its ascendancy. Key technological innovations at the right time consolidated huge competitive advantages when compared to other cryptocurrencies, and in periods of crisis this coin emerged even stronger.

Since the beginning and because of the successive successes of the project, Ethereum has had media coverage that further galvanized public awareness to the coin. Another relevant support came from the financial industry itself when it came to accept Ethereum as a new form of investment.

Major brokerage firms start expanding their offer introducing Ethereum in their platforms. Ethereum trading was born. Also contributing to the emergence of Ethereum was the support of major companies such as Microsoft, Intel or JPMorgan Chase. Finally, governments further legitimized the coin by considering it as a credible instrument of exchange that needs to be regulated.

Ethereum was therefore not only able to introduce technical and technological innovations in a very competitive space but also to create the conditions to, in moment of crisis, emerge stronger. These two factors go hand in hand and are leading to major mutations in the cryptocurrency market.

Because of its achievements Ethereum is challenging the predominant cryptocurrency: Bitcoin. And in our opinion, it will surpass Bitcoin by the end of 2018 – if not sooner.

We will trace this story of success in our infographic. In it we will identify key events that marked the ascendancy of this cryptocurrency. You will also understand why Ethereum is set to overtake Bitcoin by the end of 2018. This isn’t a fact but it’s a clear tendency. And the market itself is supporting this transformation: since the beginning of 2017, and at its peak, Ethereum registered a 5001% growth. Find the reasons why…

ethereum infographic

Infographic Source: Invezz