Ethereum Makes Significant Gains In EUR and GBP Markets

Now that the Brexit has passed in a favorable fashion for those who wanted to leave the EU, there is a lot of focus on the EUR value. In the world of cryptocurrency, the EUR markets are rather small compared to the rest of the world. But surprisingly enough, there is no sign of weakness to be found. In fact, it appears as if Europeans are warming up to Ethereum in recent days.

Ethereum Price Is On The Rise

The past few weeks have been rather exciting for the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. After The DAO debacle, the ETH price took a serious nosedive. But things are changing in a positive manner, and the European market is showing some great support for Ethereum right now. This is quite surprising, considering the Brexit vote saw the UK leave the EU.

Albeit the UK voters voted to leave the European Union, the whole Brexit ordeal may not have a significant impact on the European markets by any means. Bitcoin and Ethereum both seem to be holding steady in the wake of these events. The free market is very different from centralized and controlled financial markets, though.

As far as the Ethereum price is concerned, the value when up by nearly 12.5% in the EUR market over the past 24 hours. Right now, one ETH is worth EUR 13.10, compared to EUR 11.13 yesterday afternoon. A rather interesting and unexpected turn of events but Ethereum users will welcome the change regardless.


Ethereum has always had a very small GBP market, but it looks like that is trending up as well. At the time of writing, the GBP value per ETH had increased by nearly 20%, showing strong support for this cryptocurrency.  Exciting times seem to be ahead for Ethereum enthusiasts; that much is certain.

For the time being, it remains doubtful how long this trend will continue. Predicting a free market is impossible, and the Ethereum price is no exception to that rule. It is positive to see the EUR market respond so well to this decision, though. In the world of traditional finance, things are looking rather bleak since the Brexit vote passed, and more and more people will look for alternative forms of investment.

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