Ethereum Classic (ETC) Investors Find Safe Haven In Sparklo (SPRK)

Buyers and sellers look for a safe haven as the volatility of cryptocurrencies continues in order to avoid getting caught in the crossfire between institutions. Investors are searching for an innovative new investment that can provide significant profits. 

Previously, a project such as Ethereum Classic (ETC) was a viable investment, however, Sparklo just joined the group after experiencing a sharp increase in presale traffic.

Sparklo: A new way to buy precious metals on the blockchain

Members of Sparklo’s new investment platform may buy silver, gold, and platinum thanks to blockchain technology. Every investment in Sparklo generates a fractionalized NFT that can be used to fund future investments, which is its distinguishing characteristic. The precious metals are kept safe and secure in bullion storage facilities that are authorized by law and managed by experienced vault managers.

The Sparklo token, which is presently in the third stage of the presale, is available to investors right now for just $0.055 per token. According to crypto specialists, the SPRK token’s value will increase by 1,500% this year. Therefore, this is the ideal opportunity to contribute to the Sparklo project.

The Interfi Network’s review of the Sparklo project and the conclusion of its KYC checks has improved the platform’s transparency and dependability. The team token is locked for 1,000 days while the Sparklo token liquidity will be frozen for 100 years, which raises the degree of the project’s integrity.


Will Ethereum Classic (ETC) break the resistance for an upward move? 

The cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been around for a while. Its platform enables the creation and use of smart contracts and apps without interference from third parties, fraud, or control. Based on the original Ethereum network, which was forked as a result of the DAO attack in 2016, Ethereum Classic (ETC) was created. Additionally, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has grown in popularity among traders and investors thanks to its distinct characteristics and expansion potential.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) gets a neutral rating after the previous five days. The rating is calculated by analyzing the volume and price movement of Ethereum Classic (ETC) over the last five days to determine its performance. With a market price of $15.49, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is looking to have a breakthrough on the $15.56 resistance. If the current market trend led by BTC continues in an upward move, ETC can see some positive price movement in the near future.

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