CORE and Jupiter See Big 30-Day Gains. New Crypto Raboo Presale Offers 100X Potential

As cryptos like Core and Jupiter experience outstanding 30-day gains, a new crypto presale has hit the market, exciting meme enthusiasts and seasoned crypto investors alike.

Raboo launched its new crypto presale at just $0.0036 and is already generating predictions of potential 100x returns on launch day. Here’s why this AI-powered meme generator has set hearts racing among the crypto community with its sensational growth potential.

Core: Non-custodial Bitcoin staking platform pumping gains

Core is a new crypto project aiming to revolutionize blockchains with its secure, decentralized, and scalable platform originating from Bitcoin’s underlying DNA.

Powered by the native CORE token, Core provides token holders utility and governance rights within its DAO.

Core has attracted serious buzz in the past month thanks to its non-custodial Bitcoin staking capability, which saw its price surge by over 600% to a high of $4.37. Although it has slipped back to $2.41, this remains a 200% increase from a month ago as longer-term investors seek to make the most of this renewed industry interest.

Jupiter: Solana-integrated platform enjoying its time in the sun

Jupiter integrates with the Solana blockchain to enhance performance and provide users with a seamless, cheap, lightning-fast environment in which to develop dApps and DeFi solutions.

This robust ecosystem enjoys strong community backing, while Jupiter’s follower-based design contributes to a vibrant and highly engaged user base with loyalty at its core.

Jupiter began to surge in mid-March, breaking above the $1 barrier before surging in early April to hit $1.83, an increase of over 217% from a month previously. Although the Jupiter price has reset slightly, its current value of $1.31 is over 100% up from a month ago as Jupiter maintains its bullish sentiment ahead of the imminent Bitcoin halving event.

Raboo: New crypto meme generator launches fast-selling ICO

Raboo recently launched its new crypto presale at just $0.0036 and has seen demand skyrocket thanks to several unique and pioneering features. A meme generator that harnesses the innovative power of AI technology and SocialFi mechanics and that promotes community engagement has already resulted in an exciting, vibrant, and growing ecosystem.

The platform’s AI-driven meme generator is the main attraction that empowers users to create new memes and share them for rewards via its unique Post-to-Earn capability. With prize draws, regular community events, and giveaways galore, this community-driven community is on the up even before the coin goes live on leading exchanges.

The potential of this new crypto meme generator is illustrated by price predictions that forecast 233% returns during the ICO before potentially driving a 100x surge on launch day. With designs on becoming a top 20 cryptocurrency by market cap, it would take a brave soul to bet against this exciting new crypto to achieve its goals.


2024 has proven to be an exciting moment in the history of cryptocurrencies, as shown by the recent price hikes enjoyed by Core and Jupiter. Yet, there’s more to come, and the excitement surrounding the new crypto meme generator Raboo shows plenty for meme enthusiasts and seasoned crypto enthusiasts to get excited about this year. Don’t miss out; grab your RABT tokens today!

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.