Ethereum Blockchain Surpasses 35 Million Addresses

In the world of cryptocurrency, growth can be rather difficult to achieve these days. For Ethereum, that is far less of a problem compared to some other currencies. In fact, an important milestone has just been reached, as there are now over 35 million unique Ethereum addresses on the blockchain.

Another Milestone for Ethereum

While there are a lot of interesting developments in the world of cryptocurrency, it remains a rather niche market. In fact, one could argue there isn’t much interest in this particular industry these days, despite the amount of money that’s been made in it.

Even so, there are some interesting developments taking place in the Ethereum ecosystem these days. In particular, it seems a lot of new Ethereum addresses have been created in the past few months. There are now over 35 million unique Ethereum addresses, which is a rather interesting development for the world’s second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

This is an ongoing trend which became more apparent several months ago. Earlier this year, there were 31 million unique Ethereum addresses in existence. At that time, the Ethereum blockchain had more addresses than Bitcoin, and it seems things are still moving in favor of Ethereum as of right now.

This does not mean there are 35 million unique Ethereum users by any means. Indeed, a fair few of these addresses are linked to smart contracts, and various projects use multiple contracts to conduct their day-to-day operations.

Additionally, there is no way to determine the exact number of unique Ethereum users at any given time. Considering that most exchanges have a handful of addresses, it is safe to assume that most individual users have at least three or four as well. Even so, it will be interesting to see how these numbers evolve in the months to come.

Most people will also be interested in the number of active Ethereum addresses, which is rather different. Ethereum has trumped Bitcoin in this regard for the first time in its history, as there is a 78,000 address gap between the two. An interesting competition is occurring between these two currencies, and no winner has been determined just yet.