EtherDoge Claims to Be the Future of Doge

With so many different cryptocurrencies in circulation today, interesting projects are bound to come out of the woodwork. Although more than 90% of all currencies will ultimately peter out of existence, there are some interesting concepts to keep an eye on. Ever since Dogecoin became wildly popular, we have seen a fair few clone coins. EtherDoge is one of those clones, although there may or may not be more to it than originally assumed.

EtherDoge is a Mysterious Currency

At first glance, the EtherDoge project may not look all that spectacular. It appears to be a copy of Ethereum utilizing a Dogecoin-esque logo and branding. Bringing together Ethereum and Dogecoin into a brand new currency may not have necessarily been the smartest idea by the developers, although everything should be given a fighting chance in the world of cryptocurrency. Whether or not EtherDoge can succeed remains to be seen, though.

It seems most hard facts about EtherDoge are purposefully being kept from the public for the time being, though the developers are inviting everyone to join their Slack channel as a way to learn more about this currency. Outside of Slack, one will not necessarily find too much in the way of details on what this project entails or why it’s remotely unique. That’s troubling, as every new currency needs some technology to make it stand out in the first place.

Without any verifiable information outside of the project’s “WOWPaper”, it remains to be seen whether or not people will be convinced this is a worthwhile project. Just because it combines the names of Ethereum and Dogecoin doesn’t mean it will be automatically successful whatsoever. Dogecoin has its own use cases and support, whereas Ethereum mainly focuses on the technical crowd these days. If both those concepts come together in an effective way, things will get very interesting for EtherDoge.

That said, it was a very strange decision to not inform the public about this currency in the first place. As of right now, there is no relevant information on social media, Reddit, or elsewhere. There doesn’t even appear to be a professional website associated with the project. It will be very difficult for people to take EtherDoge even remotely seriously until the concept becomes a lot clearer. People by and large will not hop into a Slack channel for a project they aren’t passionate about.

According to one “ChiefShibe”, some public announcements were to have been made within the coming weeks. That comment was made 13 days ago and nothing has happened since. This does not necessarily instill any confidence whatsoever, as it only raises more questions on the project’s viability. We do know EtherDoge will be an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum network, with a 2.7 billion token soft cap. Remarkably, there was a private pre-sale which gained little to no public attention.

All things considered, it remains to be seen what will happen to EtherDoge in the future. The concept may appear pretty appealing, but there doesn’t seem to be anything tangible that makes this currency stand out right now. Advertising itself as the “Future of Doge” may not go over too well with DogeCoin community members. Until we learn more about this concept, there will be little to no interest in EtherDoge by the majority of the community.