Ether Online: The Decentralized MMORPG

December 2017 sparked the explosion in popularity of Ethereum based games, and the niche has seen a dedicated and growing community since. Despite this massive activity, there has yet to exist an Ethereum game that has stood out in terms of gameplay and depth. However, this could soon change with Ether Online, the up-and-coming Ethereum based decentralized, massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

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Ether Online is the newest Ethereum game to hit the market, where players fight monsters and collect treasure in a fantasy world, as well as compete against one another in arena battles to succeed as the paramount fighter throughout the world.

Alpha Launch

Ether Online enters its public Alpha on April 27, when it will first interact with the ecosystem of Ethereum gamers. The public Alpha encapsulates all the core functionalities of the game. At launch, players will be able purchase chests. By opening chests, players collect random gear, ranging in rarity from common to legendary. The Alpha includes 25 sets of equipment, or 125 unique items in total. These items can be combined and crafted into items of higher tier of rarity, which each tier providing greater stats. Additionally, players will achieve a bonus stat if they equip all five items of an equipment set.

Additionally, equipped gear associates some number of battle points to the character. During the Alpha, there will be a Battle Points Leaderboard. Players with the highest battle point loadouts will even receive Ethereum awards.

Pets also contribute to a player’s battle points. All pets maintain a legendary rarity and are only available for a pre-launch pet sale. There are currently only 190 pets in existence, and no function of gameplay that will allow players to capture pets planned. As such, these pets are incredibly rare, and when the game sees a heightened popularity, will surely be worth substantial amounts of Ethereum.

What’s to Come

More gameplay functions are set to release in three weeks, on May 17. Most importantly, players will be able to challenge one another and participate in PvP battles. With better gear, players become stronger and have a greater chance of besting their opponent. Each victory grants players a number of points. Like the battle points, PvP points will similarly be tracked and organized in a global leaderboard, where top players will also receive Ethereum awards for their successes.

May 17 also marks the launch of the marketplace system, where players can trade their loot and pets. The marketplace will launch alongside 20 new equipment sets, bringing the total collectible loot to 225 items and five pets.

At the start of June, the world map will launch. On the world map, players can challenge monsters in the wilderness. Players will be rewarded for defeating monsters. The world map will also house world bosses, terrifying creatures that all players work together in defeating. A world boss appears once a day, and players that participate in the defeat of the boss earn special rewards.

The start of June also brings the addition of gems. Gems are a very rare item that will have huge powers. Gems can only be earned through defeating world bosses.

On top of all this, Ether Online has recently announced a partnership with Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX). Through this partnership, Ether Online players will be able to exchange their rare collectibles on WAX’s virtual asset marketplace, OPSkins. Ether Online will join just CryptoKitties as the only Ethereum based games with assets tradable on the worldwide exchange.