Esports Champion and NA Player of the Decade Danny ‘fRoD’ Montaner Joins the TriForce Tokens ICO

UK-based blockchain gaming solution, TriForce Tokens, has added another leading luminary to its eminent advisory board. Counter-strike world champion and former manager of renowned esports team FaZe Gaming, Danny Montaner, has been unveiled as the newest member of the board. He joins the revolutionary gaming ecosystem as an advisor, topping off an already impressive acquisition of members which stems from mounting interest in the startup.

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World-class Partnerships

TriForce Tokens has been garnering widespread attention and acclaim, especially from multiple organizations spread out all over Latin America gaming market – the second largest gaming market. These organizations share one strong desire; revolutionizing the gaming industry through TriForce Tokens’ groundbreaking technology. The platform’s notable partnerships include; successful venture capitalist David Drake, and Coventry University, UK. David Drake, who founded the US Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA) and US CrowdFunding Professional Association (CfPA), possesses an unparalleled access to more than 100,000 investors through his agency the Soho Loft Media Group.

Soho Loft Media Group has sponsored over 1000 FinTech conferences in just under 15 years and has established staunch partnership with elite names in the industry such as Nasdaq, Thomson Reuters, and NYSE. Coventry University is an enterprise-scale partnership with TriForce Tokens, synerging their business resources. The University hosts the award-winning Technology Park, home to some of the region’s cutting-edge businesses. TriForce Tokens’ partnerships had helped stimulate awareness of its groundbreaking FORCE Tokens, positioning it as one of the most promising ICOs of 2018.

Strategically Positioned For Greatness

TriForce Tokens will leverage Danny Montaner’s experience as a professional player to connect with the 2.2 billion gaming populace.  While accepting his role, Danny was quick to point out that he was drawn to TriForce Tokens vision to create a transparent, secure and rewarding ecosystem for the gaming industry.

Danny “fRoD” Montaner is renowned in the esport scene as a veteran Counter-Strike 1.6 Source player. The NA Player of the decade winner was a mainstay of the Counter-strike competitive community before moving on to coaching and managing FaZe Clan’s ‘Overwatch’ lineup.

“TriForce Tokens quickly caught my attention with the aim at being a community centered token. Not only is there various forms of protection and security, there is everything you would need to engage in your community. Also, it is important to note that there are multiple sources of revenue generation that is untapped for any content creator and developer. This is something the industry lacks as there are no profitable solutions to engage in the community, while growing it and securing it”

Danny Montaner, fRoD


As a pioneer in the Esports industry, Danny connects with TriForce Tokens mission in addressing the fundamental problems plaguing the game industry through blockchain technology. Through it’s smart contract based protocols that reward gamers while they play, protect developers and content creators from exploitation and piracy, and foster positive exchange across all board, TriForce Tokens is poised to offers profitable and rewarding solutions to the gaming industry.

The introduction of FORCE in the Latin American gaming market will allow players to integrate their virtual assets into one ecosystem regardless of title, studio, developer, or platform. TriForce Tokens offers true revenue generation options and a social hub community that directly connects gamers with developers that will link the whole gaming community, and a unique reward for players.The transparency of the platform will improve player retention and also assist developers minimize piracy concerns, while creating an opportunity that will allow them to maximize revenue stream.

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