EOS Price Reaches a new All-time High of $18.34

With so many things changing in the cryptocurrency world over the past few weeks. It is important to keep tabs on the different currencies accordingly. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are taking a temporary breather, the EOS price is still rising pretty quickly. Thanks to another overnight price gain, the EOS price now sits at just under $18.5. In fact, it is a new all-time high for this altcoin.

EOS Price Sets a new All-time High

It has become rather apparent there is a good chance most cryptocurrencies will set a new all-time high later this year. Unlike what most people expected or hoped for, EOS is the first currency to successfully do so. After the crazy end to 2017, the all-time high EOS price sat at $15.59. That in itself is a pretty solid value when considering how this project had not matured all that much at that time in history

Fast forward until today, and it has become apparent the demand for EOS is not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, if this current EOS price trend is any indication, reaching a value of $20 is not entirely out of the question. The big question is how much of this momentum is part of a blatant pump-and-dump compared to genuine interest and belief in EOS. That is always a bit difficult to estimate when it comes to different cryptocurrencies, although it seems most people genuinely believe EOS will be a big success in the future.

Thanks to the 18.37% gain over the past few hours, the EOS price has now reached a new all-time high of $18.34. That is a pretty interesting milestone for this cryptocurrency, although maintaining this value will be quite difficult. EOS has also gained 19.4% over Bitcoin and 17.41% over Ethereum. Solid gains all across the board, but one never knows how things will play out where cryptocurrencies are concerned.

With $3.4bn in 24-hour trading volume, EOS is one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies on the market right now. It is good to see altcoins generate a lot of trading volume right now, although it remains a bit unclear why this demand for EOS is spiking as of right now. There are some positive developments taking place in the cryptocurrency world as far as EOS is concerned, but whether or not that warrants a $15bn market cap, is a different matter altogether.

As of right now, OKEx is the biggest trading platform for EOS, followed by Bithumb and Huobi This is a rather interesting mix of different trading platforms, for many different reasons. More specifically, OKEx and Huobi offer USDT trading pairs, whereas Bithumb provides fiat currency trading. We also see Upbit and Bitfinex in the top five with two more fiat currency trading pairs. If this trend keeps up, the EOS price will probably reach $20 without too many problems.

As cryptocurrencies remain volatile first and foremost, the EOS price can easily head in either direction in quick succession. As of right now, it seems the uptrend will remain in place for some time to come, but with Bitcoin and Ethereum stuck in a rut right now, there is a good chance the EOS price will come down once these bigger currencies start going up in value once again.