EOS, BitTorrent Token (BTT) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) Price Analysis and Prediction for October 3rd

After a bloodbath last week. This week the markets seemed to have recovered slightly after trading sideways. Whether this trend will continue through the weekend depends on if Bitcoin decides to make any more major moves. Let’s take a look at EOS, BTT and BSV and see what the charts have in store for us…

EOS Price Analysis (EOS/USD)

On today’s hourly chart, the popular altcoin has positively performed with an intraday gain by 1.25%.  EOS/USD pair jumped from where it opened the session at $2.929 to where it closed the session trading at $2.966 amid the bullish movement.  Besides, EOS price extended its bullish move to an intraday high of $3.043 before facing rejection from levels that were above the significant resistance level $3.020.  Support level was defined near $2.980 before a break below it that stood the current price at $2.966.

However, despite the recovery, the market volatility was very low that that facilitated a break below the ascending trend line formed.  That foreshadows a downside correction in the near term. At the press time, the long-term SMA looks set to cross above the short-term SMA that gives a negative outlook.  The RSI is now below level 50 that also suggests an increase in sell-offs.

eos price chart

EOS Price Prediction (EOS/USD)

Investors should place their entry at $2.940 and take a short position with new targets set at $1.900 and 2.000.  However, if the price finds strong support level at $2.950 then an upside correction above $3.800 and 3.900 is possible.

BitTorrent Token Price Analysis (BTT/USD)

BTT/USD pair is up by 4.5% having stretched the bullish legs from the opening price of $0.00042 to currently changing hands at $0.00044. Despite the rise, the RSI that hovered most of the time between the midpoints suggested a lack of market momentum.  A formation of a four-price Doji was seen severally, which signals a low transaction. Besides, the pair’s price found a strong support near $0.00041 and critical resistance near $0.00045.

Afterward, an intraday low was seen at around 13:00 at $0.00040 that was followed by rejection of the lower price level that later fluctuated the price up to the current price. The technicals also reflected the bullish move, with the short term SMA currently above the long-term SMA. The RSI has also managed to cross above average that gives positive reports.

bittorrent token price chart

BitTorrent Token Price Prediction (BTT/USD)

More bull run should be anticipated, especially if the price break above $0.00045. That may result in an upside rally near $0.00050.

Bitcoin SV Price Analysis (BSV/USD)

Conversely, BSV/USD pair has showcased a terrible performance with an intraday dip of 3.1%. The pair’s price dug dipper from $85.917 to $83.225 over the last 24hrs. Besides, the bearish mode was reflected by the long-term SMA that has been trading above the short-term SMA. The RSI indicator was also seen below average that showed big sellouts. Moreover, there was a formation of a four-price Doji repeatedly that indicated that the market was dealing with lower transaction rates.

However, BSV/USD pair could stop the bearish bleeding if the RSI succeeds in trading above level 50. That is per the bull’s term and strength, which could overcome the bearish nature of the market price. Notably, immediate support and resistance level are stood at $82.556 and $87.674.

bitcoin sv price chart

Bitcoin SV Price Prediction (BSV/USD)

Presently, both moving averages are seen above the prices that foreshadow negative feedback. Investors should go short and take profit at $75.000 and $74.000.

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Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency.