Enterprises Can Now Scour The Deep Web For Stolen Information At Little Cost

Law enforcement agencies have been scouring the dark web in search of digital breadcrumbs to curb criminal activity. Terbium Labs, a company focusing on dark web data intelligence, has been working on a project called Matchlight. This dark web data intelligence tool is now globally available, and there is a high chance it will affect data theft as well as the sale of hacked credentials.

Matchlight Is Not Your Average Data Intelligence Toolkit

The name Matchlight may ring a bell for some people, as a beta version of this toolkit has been available since June of 2015. It did not take long for security firms to show an interest in this project, as Matchlight is highly efficient. The primary objective of this tool is to keep information safe at any given time, and Terbium Labs have developed in-house solutions to do so.

To put things into perspective, detecting an information breach on the dark web takes an average of 200 days. In most cases a data theft goes by unnoticed for a year or longer. Even then it still takes a lot of money, human resources, and research to not only track down stolen information but improve overall company security at the same time.

Matchlight is capable of doing all of this at a fraction of the cost, which is part of the reason why the project proved to be such a success from day one of the beta. But there is more, as this toolkit detects information breaches within minutes and is very accurate while doing so. Up until this point no major false positives have been recorded using the toolkit, which is a positive sign.

Now that Matchlight has been made available to the general public, data breaches will hopefully become a thing of the past. Enterprises can even customize this toolkit to suit their individual needs as well as ensure compatibility with other security solutions they may have in place already.

Under the hood the Matchlight toolkit scans the dark web for any information it has been programmed to detect. This can range from specific documents to digital signatures attached to data. In fact, this program can scan every nook and cranny of the entire deep web for vital information rather than just going through the top marketplaces where information may be sold.

While it remains to be seen how successful this tool can be, the prospect of monitoring the deep web around the clock at a small cost should excite a lot of companies. Given the number of data breaches recently, solutions like these can make a significant impact. Mainly companies with limited resources may want to check out this project and see what it can do for their business.

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