End “Shitcoin Shilling” on Facebook With Chrome’s Social Fixer Plugin

Even though Facebook is taking an aggressive stance toward cryptocurrencies and ICOs, news feeds are still clogged up with related content. For users who want to get rid of most of the shilling on social media, the Social Fixer tool is certainly worth checking out. It doesn’t just apply to cryptocurrency content either, as users can hide posts containing specific content.

Social Fixer is a Godsend

Anyone who uses Facebook – seemingly fewer people compared to two years ago – will have noticed that getting involved with cryptocurrencies can fill up one’s news feed with a lot of content. This does not just apply to news articles, but also to a lot of shilling by members of specific cryptocurrency-related groups on the platform. Facebook is home to a lot of crypto enthusiasts, although not all of the content being spread is worth paying attention to.

With the Social Fixer solution, users now have a creative – and legal – way to deal with all of the cryptocurrency shilling. This tool lets users filter posts containing specific words or sentences, and ensures the information doesn’t show up in one’s feed. It is a far better solution than leaving cryptocurrency groups altogether or scrolling past dozens of messages hyping up a particular currency no one really cares about.

As this screenshot shows, there is a fair amount of hate for specific cryptocurrencies. This is especially true where Ripple is concerned, although it seems Verge is not scoring too many brownie points either. While this is just one user labeling these currencies as “shitcoins”, Facebook users can customize the Social Fixer plugin to their heart’s desire.

What makes this particular plugin so intriguing is that it can be used to curate any type of content from Facebook. It has become more than apparent that the social media giant wants to force specific content on its users, mainly for advertising reasons. It is certainly possible that Social Fixer will get rid of most of that content as well, which will allow for a more customized Facebook feed.

This approach is far more favorable compared to the harsh action Facebook itself has taken. The company wants to get rid of any advertisement related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, but individual groups are still allowed to exist. With all of the shilling taking place in those groups, it is only normal that people will look for ways to filter out that content. Reporting such spam is still advised, although it may force the company to crack down on cryptocurrency content even further.

Whether or not this will lead to far better content sharing on Facebook remains to be seen. If the shilling posts turn out to be less successful than before, people will find different ways to spread their message. Facebook has a responsibility in all of this as well, as the social media giant has to keep its users safe from misleading and false information.