Eligma – Changing the Way People Shop Through AI and Blockchain Technology

Given the consumer-driven economy, during the last couple of years, people throughout the world have increased their spending habits. However, often enough, buyers find it difficult to get access to the best deals, while many only use certain products for limited periods of time, thus wasting an important sum of money.

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Eligma represents the world’s first AI-driven, and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform, which is being built to revolutionize how people discover, purchase, track, and sell items on the internet. With this in mind, the platform aims to be an all-inclusive shopping assistant, allowing users to purchase items from any shop, check their real market value, track purchased products, and know exactly when a product should be sold. Eligma will be based on a decentralized universal loyalty program, and will attempt to transform all households into lucrative businesses.

Some of the main benefits of Eligma include, but are not limited to:

  1.       No longer having to waste time looking for the best deal

Due to a large number of online marketplaces, buyers often spend too long searching for the best deals. The platform will take care of this aspect, by providing shoppers with the best price for the desired product.

  1.       Manage all online stores from a single account

Most ecommerce sites require users to sign up for an account. Managing accounts will no longer be a task for buyers, as Eligma will allow users access to all their accounts within its ecosystem.

  1.       Buy products with digital currencies

At this time, few marketplaces accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With Eligma and its transaction system EliPay, users will be able to pay in crypto regardless of merchant adoption.

  1.       Tracking all products users own

This feature has been introduced as people often buy products, yet forget doing so. The tracking feature will enable users to keep track of their products, and sell them when the time is right. AI will predict item value, whereas the household trading agent and automated second hand listing will take care of the sale, carried out on the blockchain network.

  1.       Loyalty programs

Eligma will serve several loyalty programs, thus granting users access to even better deals. In return, this will lead to more money being saved. Users are rewarded for their loyalty, and any merchant can join the program.

The Slovenian-based company will carry out its public presale between 20th March 2018 (12:00 UTC) – 10th of April 2018 (11:00 UTC). Its public crowd sale will kick off on the 17th of April, and last until the hard cap of $24 million is reached.

For more information about Eligma, feel free to access their white paper, light paper and one pager.