E-Corp CEO Twitter Account Is Very Vocal About Bitcoin

One of the more amusing bits of news this week comes in the form of a new Twitter account. While millions of people use the platform on a daily basis, a new account has been set up to represent Philip Price, CEO of E-Corp. Cryptocurrency users who watch Mr. Robot will be all too familiar with that name.

E-Corp CEO Profile Tweets Some Interesting Things

The second season of Mr. Robot could not be more pleasing for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Every episode is riddled with Bitcoin references and symbols, all the while traditional finance is trying to grasp at straws. With the ecosystem crumbling around them, banks are forcing ECoin on their users, which is centralized and tightly controlled.

This scenario may seem very distant, but it is not impossible. Several banks around the world are exploring private blockchains to issue their digital currencies. Bank of England is just one example, as they want to create a national digital currency at some point. Similarly to ECoin, this will be tightly controlled by banks clinging on to their seat of power.

The crossover between Mr. Robot and the Bitcoin world takes an interesting twist with this E-Corp CEO profile. Although it is doubtful the program creators are behind this – you never know, though – the account has been tweeting some interesting things. The account is actively engaging with cryptocurrency users; that much is certain.

All of this goes to show not everything has to overly serious when it comes to television or Bitcoin. While cryptocurrency is not a joke by any means, it is good to have some laughs now and then. At the same time, this Twitter account may bring some more positive attention to Bitcoin as a whole. Engaging with the community is critical, regardless of how it is done.

It is good to see such a fun atmosphere on Twitter. Most people will even read those tweets while hearing Price’s voice speaking them out loud. This just goes to show Bitcoin is becoming a topic in the mainstream. Mr. Robot is the first show to somewhat put Bitcoin in a positive spotlight for more than three minutes.

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