E-Card, The Bitcoin Debit Card That Works With Fiat Too

As far as debit cards go, your bank may be pestering you with amazing interest rates and new plans to help you manage your money more efficiently. Transferring from your debit card to other accounts may take days if not weeks depending on your bank. Having a debit card which can transfer funds instantly and keep you connected to crypto maybe life changing for some. This brings us swiftly onto the launch of E-Card.

The project has just recently launched allowing its users to transfer funds into bitcoin or fiat at the touch of a button. The debit card allows one to use funds stored on it in ATMS to take fiat cash out, whilst allowing one to transfer their fiat into Bitcoin instantly. This useful service has made this debit card one of a kind as various other debit cards are limited in functionality.

The card also boasts various other features offered only be a few of its competitors. Bank grade security is one of the features boasted by the service as it intensifies the approach taken toward user security. With the standard 256 bit encryption and multi factor authorisation part of its arsenal the service is safe just like any service provided by a real bank. The E-verification methods put to use including the need for ID and proof of address.  The aim of the project is to allow users who are currently used to the everyday banking process to easily transfer into the crypto domain whilst keeping all the necessities.


Our members love how simple our E-card is.

We know you’re busy, whether you are shopping online or around town. So, our E-card makes your life easier no matter how you shop. It’s just like a traditional debit card but much better for a number of reasons:

  • It gives you the ability to convert Bitcoin into Fiat

  • Comes with no hidden fees

  • Offers world-class security protection

  • Gives you the freedom to shop anywhere

  • Is accepted at over 25 million ATMs worldwide

The card is currently in the beta testing phase with customers from the US and India not being able to participate in the current trails simply due to the scale of the project. Users in the UK and the rest of the world can order the debit card and it will be shipped.

The project has also expended to include various other platform as it is currently on a wide variety of mobile platforms such as Android. The app allows you to access your funds 24/7 and your transaction history will be right there beneath your fingertips.

To conclude the e-Card comes as a revolution in Bitcoin management. First there was the BTM which revolutionized the way Bitcoin was perceived in the real world, and now there are the Bitcoin debit cards. Functioning in the same way as a normal Debit card but with the added functionality they have much potential for the future.

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