Dwable Wants To Integrate Cryptocurrency Into Their Microblogging Platform

Bitcoin is a great payment tool for content creators all over the world. Particularly in the blogging and writing industry, there are a lot of earnings to be made in the coming years. But so far, very few of these initiatives have managed to get things done right. Dwable is a new project aimed at being the new microblogging social network, where Bitcoin reigns supreme.

Can Dwable Fill This Content Creator Need?

Blogging and microblogging are two very powerful and popular trends in this Digital Age. Freedom of speech is a basic right, yet very few online platforms allow it at every turn. Moreover, there is governmental pressure into restricting what people in specific countries can access or share with the world.

A decentralized system can solve all of these problems, which is part of what Dwable wants to provide. Similar to Twitter, users can follow one another and post limited-length messages up to 150 characters long. What makes it different, however, is the integration of cryptocurrency, which is something Twitter or Facebook will hardly ever allow.

Although the Dwable platform has yet to launch – somewhere in the next few months – the concept seems to offer a lot of promise. One thing that remains a mystery is how the company plans to enforce freedom of speech, as they seemingly act as a curator of content. Moreover, they will seemingly use centralized databases to store user information instead of focusing on blockchain technology.

Gaining traction as a new social platform will be a significant challenge. It is not the first time  a new company attempts to undertake such a venture, yet very few of them still have any user base left after a few months. Spreading the word across many platforms as a user or content creator is important, but there is only so much that can be done in a day.

More importantly, Dwable will be run by a one-man team for the time being. Development of such a massive platform requires a lot more staff. Then again, most great ideas start out by one individual trying to make a difference. It is a monumental task, but we will find out more once Dwable goes live in a few months from now.

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