DutyFree.io : Use Bitcoin To Buy Cigarettes At Discount Rates

Buying physical goods online with Bitcoin is becoming and more common over the past few years. While not everything can be bought with Bitcoin just yet [or at least, not in a straightforward way without too much hassle], one of the most commonly purchased on the world can be bought with digital currency. So if you are a smoker, why not buy some cigarettes with Bitcoin at discounted prices?


Cigarettes and Bitcoin – A Golden Combination

One of the major selling points for merchants and retailers to use Bitcoin payments is the fact they can shave off a ton of overhead costs compared to more, traditional payment methods. No one wants to use credit cards with their 3-5% fee per transaction and having to wait 30 days or more before even receiving the money in their bank account. Unless that is your only option of course.

However, Bitcoin may not be a viable alternative for any retailer. If you run a small company, the effect Bitcoin can have on your business model is far bigger compared to bigger stores and chains. Furthermore, as a small business owner, you are more inclined ovf giving your customers additional discounts when they pay with Bitcoin, seeing as how they save you a lot of money by not using their credit or debit cards.

DutyFree.io is a very small business, run by BitcoinTalk forum member only. This service has been in existence since February of last year, and served a lot of customers around the world so far. But what makes DutyFree.io so attractive, considering this is not the only site where you can buy cigarettes online?

Up To 50% Discounts Compared to Retail Prices

That can be attributed to their extremely low costs for cigarettes in general. DutyFree.io ships their goods from the country of Moldova, located in Eastern Europe. In Moldova, cigarettes [among other goods] are far cheaper compared to prices in the Western world. In fact, the order I placed myself was nearly 50% cheaper compared to retail prices over here.

Such cheap prices often raise the question, on whether or not this service is legal. There is no definitive answer to that, as it is completely different from country to country. For most Western countries, there will be no issue as long as you order two cartons of cigarettes or less per order, in order to avoid any unwanted attention from the customs office. However, luck plays a small factor in this as well, so there is no way to guarantee your package will not be intercepted.

The owners of DutyFree.io will take every precaution they possibly can in order to make sure your cigarettes pass the customs office without a hitch. By using plain unmarked shipping boxes, and not making their packages too bulky, everything appears totally inconspicuous. Besides, you wouldn’t be the first person in the world to receive a package from Moldova, would you?

Contrary to popular belief, such cheap cigarettes are not knock-offs, but the actual brand. Moldova and other Eastern European countries have fairly low taxation on these luxury goods. But that is to as much to our benefit as it is to the people living in Moldova, so we won’t complain about that at all.

Referral Program

One thing that really sets DutyFree.io apart from similar websites is their affiliate program. For every first-time user you refer to the website and places an order, they will get a US$10 discount on their first order. In exchange, you as a referrer will also receive US$10 in in-store credit, which can be used towards future purchases from DutyFree.io.

Website : http://www.dutyfree.io

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