Dutch Teacher Fired for Shilling OneCoin to Students

Even though most cryptocurrency users have all but forgotten about OneCoin by now, that doesn’t apply to everyone. Last month, a court case in the Netherlands documented how a teacher had pressured students into buying into this pyramid scheme. While greed brings out the worst in people more often than not, it is very disturbing when teachers take this route.

The OneCoin Saga Continues

It has become more than apparent that the OneCoin scam made plenty of victims all over the world. More specifically, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people have lost good money because of this scam. Although many people were enticed by the prospect of netting massive gains without doing anything, it was only a matter of time until the pyramid scheme collapsed.

Before this inevitable collapse happened, however, hundreds of people were promoting and shilling OneCoin all over the world. Stories began surfacing about OneCoin promoters trying to convince investors to buy these investment packages and earn good money as a result. Unfortunately, a lot of people fell for these cheap tricks, although it is not surprising to see why that would be the case.

Promotion plays an integral role in the OneCoin universe. Without referring other victims, users would simply not make any money in the long run. It is evident that pyramid schemes like OneCoin need fresh capital entering the system at all times to avoid collapsing. Although such a collapse has not occurred just yet, it is only a matter of time until everyone loses their money. When that occurs, there will be quite a reckoning to contend with.

One teacher in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, went quite far when it came to promoting the OneCoin pyramid scheme. This teacher was eventually fired on the spot for forcing students to invest in OneCoin, knowing all too well that this pyramid scheme would collapse sooner or later. The court deemed it a “serious offense”, although no jail sentence was given.

Both of the affected students filed an official complaint with their school, claiming they’d been forced to buy OneCoin packages. Even though one of them almost reneged on the deal, the teacher decided to take things up a notch by threatening them with bad grades and so forth. It clearly shows desperation on the part of the teacher, but he or she was eventually successful in convincing both students to make a financial contribution.

It is evident that scams and pyramid schemes such as OneCoin will continue to pose a big problem in the future. With people investing in obvious scams and almost being forced to make others invest as well, there will be a lot more of these stories moving forward. It is important to keep one’s private life and professional life separated at all times, although for some people, this is seemingly a lot more difficult than it should be. Never invest in obvious scams such as OneCoin, and these issues will not present themselves in the first place.