Dublin Is A Great Hub For FinTech and Bitcoin Innovation

Dublin, Ireland, is attracting a lot of attention in recent months. Not only is the city seeing a healthy influx of startups and FinTech companies, but the number of events taking place in the region is on the rise as well. keeping in mind how Dublin wants to focus primarily on FinTech and Bitcoin, this can be very good news for digital currency development as well.

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Dublin Bets Big on FinTech And Bitcoin

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Positioning itself as one of the most prominent cities in the FinTech world today, Dublin is on the right track to becoming a major hub in the next few years. European startups are looking for a new home, rather than focusing all of their attention on London. Even though that latter is the financial capital of the world, there is a lot of competition as well.

One of the main reasons for this growth is the support from the Irish government. Unlike other European countries where governments are not exactly boosting innovative efforts, Enterprise Ireland is putting a ton of effort into attracting startups and entrepreneurs across Europe. It is important to keep in mind these efforts are about more than just having startups open a new office in Dublin, but having their founders and entrepreneurs relocate as well.

Support from the government is just one driving factor for the growth in innovation in Dublin though, as various other facilitators play a major role as well. Companies such as Google are running various programs for Irish entrepreneurs, and they have expanded the Google Tech Hub Network to Dublin as well in August of 2015.

Just companies and entrepreneurs are only making up part of the FinTech and Bitcoin ecosystem in the region, though. With a growth in the number of local events and conferences, a lot of people are travelling through Dublin around the clock. Putting together hundreds of bright minds will spur future innovation in the payment industry, which can only be seen as a positive thing.

Last but not last, Dublin has been pretty successful in using its advantages over other European cities. Its proximity to London is very beneficial to those companies and entrepreneurs looking for additional funding, and also brings a lot of expertise in the financial sector to the table.

Additionally, hiring is rather expensive due to a favorable regulatory ecosystem, and with a multitude of IT companies, there are plenty of coders to go around. FinTech, Bitcoin, and the blockchain will all benefit from this booming startup and events scene in Dublin over the next few years; that much is certain.

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