Drug Vendors on the Darknet Struggle with Declining Bitcoin Revenue

There are some obvious consequences to the coronavirus crisis. Various businesses are being put out of business, including drug vendors on the darknet.

It is interesting to note how darknet vendors struggle during the coronavirus crisis. 

Darknet Bitcoin Revenue is on the Decline

More specifically, the people buying items from these vendors are in a real pickle right now.

Most of the drug-selling spots are under surveillance, making it very difficult to move any sort of product.

Given how prominent Bitcoin is as a payment method on the darknet, things are heading in an interesting direction. 

A lot less money is moving through the marketplaces, as demand for drugs is slowing down.

Any vendor accepting Bitcoin payments finds himself in an awkward position.

There is also the recent Bitcoin price drop to take into consideration.

It seems to make people less eager to spend Bitcoin on drugs as well.

With darknet revenue falling, one has to wonder how the situation will evolve exactly.

Increasing overall revenue should be less of a problem, but one never really knows what the future will bring.

As a result, the coronavirus is having a positive impact in this particular department.

Many people will be pleased to see how things are evolving, as it may take a while until everything returns to “normal”.