DropDeck – Making Start-Up and SME Funding Easier

During the last couple of years, the popularity of crowdfunding has increased considerably, given the appearance of Initial Coin Offerings, alongside technological developments. However, companies which are looking for funding often run into various issues, such as misallocation of capital, but also obstacles such as complex banking regulations, difficulty to issue cross-border fund transfers, misallocation of attention for start-ups that deserve it, and more.

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DropDeck represents a cross-border business funding platform, focusing on high-potential and fast-growing businesses, which is based on smart contracts and token funding mechanisms. The main mission of the platform is to help channel capital resources into the funding of innovative companies throughout the world, hence contributing to an increased quality of life with new and better services.

DropDeck considers that the perfect platform does not facilitate everything, but rather also allows the public to collaborate. This is achieved through smart contracts, tokens and the incentivising solution provided by the company.

Some of the main benefits associated with DropDeck include, but are not limited to:

  •       Having fundraising businesses ranked and scored, in order to allow funders to invest in the fastest-growing companies available on the market, throughout the world;
  •       The fact that funders can either choose to contribute through royalty financing, or to lend capital in the form of tokens to start-ups;
  •       An incentive to all participants in the funding market, so that funders get rewarded, and hence attract more funders on the platform;

The incentivise system of DropDeck is based on smart contracts, and the platform’s very own decentralized DropDeck token (DDD), hence enabling a combination of online, offline, off chain, on chain, man and machine elements to provide added benefits, such as maximizing benefits, reducing risks and more. Additionally, the incentivise solution also creates a positive feedback loop between fundraising companies and funders, therefore encouraging repeated investments, and the contribution of other investors as well. The DDD tokens are therefore used by the funders to invest in companies, but are also rewarded to market participants.

Funding companies will be analysed by artificial intelligence, via set of algorithms consisting of data crawling, data provided from partnerships, user-contributed data and user behavioural data. Additionally, other mechanisms such as a funnel design, trust circle, blockchain technology and more will be implemented as well.

Through this smart system, DropDeck wishes to provide investors and fundraising companies with an easy-to-use system, perfect for startups and SMEs worldwide.

To help raise money for the project, DropDeck is holding its very own ICO. For more information about the company, refer to the white paper, website, and video detailing how everything works.