Down The Deep Dark Web Movie Talks Bitcoin And Anarchism

A new documentary about Bitcoin and the deep web will shed a new spotlight on how these ecosystems work in particular. Down the Deep Dark Web, as this movie is called, will not dispel the notion of illegal activity running rampant on the dark net by any means. Contrary to what most people may want to believe, this approach has been chosen on purpose.

Down The Deep Dark Web Can Be A Major Hit

Rather than glorifying the deep web, this movie has been created to show what is going on as far as these underground marketplaces are concerned. The movie debuted at the Jerusalem Film Festival last night and contains a lot of interviews with Bitcoin users, hackers, and even security experts.

A lot of discussion regarding the deep web revolves around privacy and security. Accessing these underground marketplaces requires specific anonymity software. Most people flock to Tor not [just] to access the deep web, but also to preserve their privacy. Governments and companies collect all types of metadata from Internet users, and many people feel that situation needs to come to an end.

Moreover, the term anarchism is often referred to when discussions regarding the deep web ensue. But at the same time, anarchism is subject to many misconceptions, as it is usually a matter of expressing free speech. The Internet was designed to promote freedom of speech, but as it turns out, censorship is running rampant everywhere we look.

Hackers are also given a special spotlight in Down the Deep Dark Web. The general public thinks of hackers as some computer wizards, who are only interested in chaos and destruction. Many white hat hackers hang out on the deep web as well, to discuss new security practices and learn more about newly discovered vulnerabilities.

It is impossible to deny the value the deep web brings to the table. Although this movie may not appeal to everyone, those who take the time to watch it will get to know the deep web in a completely different way. Tech insiders will find a lot of useful information in the movie, but less tech-savvy users will have an enjoyable time watching it.

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