Dow Jones Responds Negatively To FBI Investigating Clinton Emails Again

The US economy is facing a lot of difficulties as it is. Political campaigns are not helping matters by any means, as they only seem to impact things in a negative manner. Now that the FBI is once again looking into Hillary Clinton’s emails, US stocks have taken another big hit. This is not a promising sign for the future, but things will most likely carry on like this for quite some time to come.

Politics And Finance Are Linked In Many Ways

It is not hard to see how politics can influence the financial sector and vice versa. Things are only getting progressively worse over time, though. The US presidential election has been the cause of many debates already, and things have taken a turn for the worse. Hillary Clinton’s emails remain of keen interest to the FBI, who are are once again looking into the digital breadcrumbs.

When that news was picked up by mainstream media outlets, the Dow Jones immediately reacted. A downtrend became apparent on the charts, and the biggest drop resulted in a loss of 125 points. When all was said and done, the Dow recovered the majority of losses, but this does not immediately put the minds of investors at ease.

To put this into perspective, a lot of financial experts are hoping for a Clinton victory. If Donald Trump were to become the next US president, all hell would break lose, and the economy would almost certainly collapse sooner or later. While Clinton may be the lesser of two evils, her becoming President does not bode well for the US economy either.

Other assets are seeing a reverse trend as a result of this new FBI investigation. Gold has been on the rise, as more investors try to hedge against an even more volatile future. The US Dollar sees a small decline, although the overall bull trend is far from over. Alternative financial solutions, including precious metals and Bitcoin, are becoming far more appealing every day.

While it is commendable to see the FBI investigate Clinton’s emails again, the bigger question is what, precisely, are they looking for. If this were a matter of small-scale fraud or illicit behavior, it would not warrant an official investigation. This news seems to indicate that something very suspicious is going on, and with the election just over a week away, it could swing the balance of power.

Bitcoin remains unaffected by most of these political games, though. While the value of Bitcoin has been on the rise in recent weeks, no one is exactly sure why this has happened. There are many possible reasons, although it is doubtful that US elections will ever have any significant impact on the BTC value.

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