Do you dream of eternal life, interplanetary journeys, or time travel? Submit your story and win a chance to make all of your dreams come true!

Eternal Trusts guarantees a reward to all participants.

It is no secret that many scientific discoveries and inventions predicted by science fiction authors and futurists eventually come to light. With Eternal Trusts, you too can influence how the future will look like, and not only that — you get a chance to see that future with your own eyes.

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Eternal Trusts is the world’s first blockchain platform that enables purchasing of future technologies. ET uses a unique combination of blockchain and AI that enables autonomous time-delayed acquisition and is ideally suited for scheduling purchases of yet unavailable hitech products and services, whenever it becomes ethically, legally, and technologically possible.

First, we help our clients formulate their dreams and goals and make sure that those are consistent with expectations on how science and technology are going to evolve in the coming years. Then, ET creates so-called discretionary purpose trusts for their clients, as well as all of the necessary legal infrastructure protecting clients’ assets from any claims from third parties. Assets in trusts are stored in the most reputable banks and are managed according to the most reliable long-term investment strategies. The company’s task is to ensure that by the time the client’s goal becomes achievable, the trust has an excess of funds to pay for it. ET trusts can actually exist for hundreds of years seeking possibilities to accomplish the client’s task.

Moreover, clients can preserve and store their DNA, their brains, or bodies, allowing for the application of new innovative procedures to the biomaterial in the future. The preservation of biomaterials is an essential part of the process as it is likely that a client’s dreams may not be achievable in their lifetime.


Eternal Trusts is not only for millionaires. In order to fill the trust fund, one option is for you to sign a contract with an insurance company and make your Trust the beneficiary of the policy. Monthly payments to the insurance company in this case would be roughly $80 for 20 years, if you are 30 years old and healthy.


ET doesn’t only create the legal infrastructure and manage clients’ assets. The Blockchain and AI technology allows the company to get rid of the human factor in achieving the goals and objectives set by the ET customers. When it comes to purchasing services that will only be available in the future, the human factor is a serious obstacle. The third party with which you’ve signed an agreement today, may disappear tomorrow.

ET makes the important first step towards a perfect solution where there is a place for a customer and decentralized software only. We help the customer set a task or a goal and define a certain scenario for their implementation. Then, the system triggers a fully autonomous process of seeking service providers on the market that can help the client achieve this goal. As soon as the client’s wishes become feasible on technical, legal, technological, ethical, financial and any other grounds, the system finds the best provider on the market and ensures that the transaction will be made. In essence, ET acts as the creator of the infrastructure that will help to bring the dreams of currently living generations to life through the power of science and technology. Essentially, our platform aggregates the demand on future technologies — this can help R&D companies to steer their research towards markets with more potential.


ET is launching a unique campaign: share your dream and get ETT tokens for it! Each participant shall receive a reward of 3,000 ETT tokens for completing the questionnaire. The company will also choose the 10 most useful, detailed dreams and let the community vote for the best dream ever. The top 10 dreamers will be rewarded:

  • 1 place – 1 000 000 ETT tokens
  • 2nd place – 500 000 ETT tokens
  • 3rd place – 200 000 ETT tokens
  • 4th place – 150 000 ETT tokens
  • 5th place – 120 000 ETT tokens
  • 6-10th place – 100 000 ETT tokens

We’d like to achieve at least three objectives through this contest and the poll itself. Please keep these goals in mind when taking part in the survey.

  1. We want to process the collected data in order to compile ready-made products, bundles, consisting of the most reasonable purchases for each particular dream.
  2. We want to compile the data into a piece of content “What does humankind dream about” and “The most wanted technologies that do not yet exist”.
  3. We want to list these dreams online anonymously as a part of our MVP, so that anyone could opt in for them and become our client. We can’t wait to see the check marks appearing one by one next to these dreams.


Create an account on and fill in the questionnaire to participate in the contest. You can submit your application until May 30. Feeling lucky? Be sure to take a chance then — head to and feel the breath of future!