Distance Learning in the Coronavirus Economy

 Learning over the internet is exploding in popularity in the past few years as its appeal of ease of use and interactivity has been realized by many. Lots of new tech has been geared toward online learning. Mobile learning offers learners the freedom to discover whenever they want to and it lets instructors monitor their students’ learning easier. Immersive tech such as virtual reality and augmented reality are jumping on the bandwagon of online learning and deliver a more engaging learning experience. Using this tech is highly sought after – 89% of educators are interested in using more AR and VR for their teaching. Interactive video is becoming larger as it can easily distribute content such as demos, explainers, and interviews much more easily than any lecture hall could. Interactive video is also extremely popular – 98% of teachers think that interactive video is a big part of learning in the near future. AI is another technology that is being integrated into online learning which streamlines the creation of customized learning pathways and supports the diverse needs of all learners.


People choose online learning for a number of reasons, but a few stand out. The majority who pick online learning as compared to other ways to learn chose this way because of the way it helps them promote their work/life balance. Another important factor in why people have chosen online classes is because they feel that it will help them improve soft skills. Some of these skills that people think will be improved are critical thinking and problem-solving, time management, attention to detail, writing skills, teamwork, and oral communication. For whatever the reason, online learning is getting bigger especially because of the millions of students now at home because of COVID-19.


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History and future of distance learning (infographic)