Disruptive Social Media Blockchain Platform UHIVE Hosts Pre-Sale TGE Ending April 30th

Social Media: The 21st Century Phenomenon

Social media is a global phenomenon in the 21st century. Now more than ever, human beings can connect on many platforms, share their thoughts, feelings and any digital media available on the world-wide-web. It is in fact now so large and so prominent that it has managed to bleed into the real world, and the two have become one and the same. Protests and heated debates seem to be ever trending on social media and speaking one’s mind on a given social platform can lead to many real world consequences.

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But social media is also far more than just a controversial sounding board for humanity – across various platforms users can promote their work, run a creative business as content creators or sell whatever they want. It’s become an industry of tremendous magnitude with over two billion users worldwide, and in the United States alone, they are spending billions of dollars on social media marketing. Through advertising revenue, selling products or services, social media has proven to be one of the hottest marketplaces and tools for digital startups.

Social Media Must Evolve

It appears as though the medium hasn’t changed a great deal over the years. Yes, it looks better and has had a few more features added to it across its various nuanced platforms, but it doesn’t seem to have changed. While there have been several attempts to integrate the blockchain with social media, none have proposed such a brilliant paradigm shift as UHIVE. UHIVE is a centralized/decentralized hybrid social media platform, to be a little more precise, the UHIVE social network has two ‘worlds’, the Civilized World and the Grey World.

Users can now be part of a social media network that offers two worlds with different sets of rules; in the Civilized World, users operate within a centralized space where individual user profiles, personal info, interests and so on, can all be shared openly. In the Grey World, everyone is entirely anonymous, and freedom of thought and expression are free to run wild in anonymous groups, and most interestingly, users in the grey world will stumble upon new areas by pure chance offering an element of surprise.

The UHIVE platform also changes the marketing game, bringing huge benefits to the advertisers, influencers and the consumers; brands can select UHIVE spaces with significant amounts of traffic as well as influencers on the platform to reach their target audience with greater accuracy. But it’s not just the UHIVE advertisers and marketers that get all the revenue – UHIVE is setting out to give back to the users in the form of the platforms proprietary UHIVE token, which creates user loyalty, promotes the tokens growth and sustains the social media platform’s own economy.

The UHIVE Token Generation Event

The innovative platform is in the midst of its Pre-Sale Token Generation Event (TGE) which began on April 11th, 2018 and ends April 30th, 2018. There are 3 Billion HIVE tokens available during this period, and a further 14 Billion in total will be available during the Main Sale TGE which begins May 2nd, 2018 and ends July 15th, 2018.

Presently, anyone who joins the UHIVE Telegram group and remains a member until the end of the TGE can get 1k – 10k free HIVE tokens.

The UHIVE beta app release for Android and iOS is expected in October of 2018, to find out more about the platform, head to the official UHIVE website.